Daniel Bryan eco-friendly WWE Championship belt

“The New” Daniel Bryan eco-friendly oak wood and hemp WWE Championship title belt. ‘No Violence, no homophobia, no sexism, no racism, freedom, peace, love‘ shirt worn by Daniel Bryan on … Read More

The REAL World’s Strongest Man Competition

The REAL World’s Strongest Man Competition In my everlasting quest for purity and excellence, I’ve created The Perfect Combat Sport, otherwise said “everything Combat Sports ought to be.” But what … Read More

Strongest Crossfit Athletes

Crossfit Games Complete List Of Strength   September 29, 2017 Original link: https://heatonminded.com/crossfit-games-complete-list-of-strength/ This list shows the strength numbers of each individual male and female for every division from teens through … Read More

Derek Poundstone loaded the 530-pound Louis Cyr stone.

After months of buildup in the strongman world, Fortissimus 2008 came down to the final stone – with Derek Poundstone trailing Zydrunas Savickas by one-half point, the world’s strongest cop … Read More

Heaviest Farmer’s Walk World Record

The current record for that event (200 kg per hand, 20.67-meter carry) is held by Iceland’s Stefan Solvi Petursson (set in China in 2016 in an SCL/Guinness records event). Guinness World Record: … Read More

The Faceless Strength Wars Champion identity

Sebastian Kot aka THE FACELESS The ultra-dominant STRENGTH WARS CHAMPION WILL HE EVER LOSE A FIGHT? STRONGEST WARRIOR on STRENGTH WARS?! The Faceless Birthname: Sebastian Kot Occupation: Powerlifter/bodybuilder extraordinaire Born: … Read More