Top 5 Weirdest Fighters in UFC: Fabricio Werdum and Others

Have you noticed that some UFC characters are strange? For instance, in the WMA, some of your favorite fighters have attributes that would make you doubt if they are actual human.

Not to derail from the point, a character’s name, strength, skill, costumes, and so on, are somewhat unique – you won’t find different people sharing the same style. However, you may discover out that the signature-pose or weird attribute of a fighter in a game exists in reality.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC is a governing body for all American Mixed Martial Arts. Under the contract, there are 5 weirdest fighters registered with them for WMA; therefore, the options are limited to these 5 characters. So, if you are hoping to find some of your favorite, weird fighters, you may not.

Top 5 UFC Weirdest Fighters
What makes a fighter weird are the skills, styles, entry performances, signature-poses, and a list of other things they do. Although they seem quite strange, but doing them looks fun. Below are the top 5 weirdest fighters in the UFC, arranged in the order of their weightings.







Fabricio Werdum: Heavyweight
One of the weirdest fighters you will ever come across is Fabricio Werdum. He has a lot of funny stuff that he combines with fighting. He is a great person when it comes to jiu-jitsu, and a couple of times, this former heavyweight champion has been so hard to decipher.

However, three things have been discovered about him – first, he makes funny faces that become scary to his opponent. Next, he does several strange things. For instance, he participated in a boomerang fight once – that which most fighters dread a lot. Another is the long backstretch in a match that was quite a cunny. Lastly, he gets into verbal altercations with gay slurs and cavorts like Tony Ferguson.

Ben Rothwell: Heavyweight
Another weird heavyweight fighter you are likely going to love is Ben Rothwell. Most of his weird stuff is intentional, and a lot of other fighters fear him for that. He has a unique style called the “Gogo Choke” – from Guillotine Choke. Thanks to that move, he has received a lot of respect and became a star of the UFC picks.

For his signature choke, he applies pressure around the esophagus (Adam’s Apple) until his opponent begs for mercy. Quite a lot of people cannot do this amazingly dangerous thing, but Ben can do it so well. He won over Matt Mitrione on his first Gogo Choke attempt in a UFC fight.







Nick Diaz: Middleweight
Next up is the middleweight Nick Diaz who now lives as a myth because of his weirdness. He has made up a few strange but funny quotes that have left many to love him. He has something to say about almost anything – the WMA, Marijuana, Taxes, and so on. For one, he claimed he had never paid taxes, following a loss at UFC 158. He is true, a strange man.









Yoel Romero: Middleweight

Who kisses his opponents?! Yoel Romero does. He is also one of the strangest fighters in the UFC, who plants a peck after defeating his opponents. Sometimes, Romero does it while he puckers them up and barrels down. Seemingly funny, his opponents are left stunned, and each time he wins.

Another of his antics is his post-fight speeches, which are always biblical. He calls himself the “Soldier of God” since he combines strength and cunny sharp skills to beat his opponents. Such a weird fighter!


Diego Sanchez: Welterweight
Finally, Diego Sanchez might seem like the weirdest fighter because he does things out of the ordinary. For instance, he is always screaming “Yes” repeatedly at the top of his voice during his fight walkouts. Sanchez says he was highly motivated by a man called Tony Robbins and Daniel Bryan – a former WWE champ.

Diego is the kind of guy that eats raw beef and eggs. Although that didn’t turn out well for him, as he fell sick after. Also, he seems strange, but he is kind-hearted – he served his local community much and fought in honor of a man with Down’s Syndrome.


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