“The Untouchable” Nicolino Locche

Nicolino Locche became an idol in Argentina and routinely sold out the Luna Park, Buenos Aires every time he fought at the well known boxing arena. His boxing style made him a legend. Locche was known as “El Intocable” (“The Untouchable”) due to his defensive mastery. He possessed uncanny reflexes that allowed him to stand in front of his opponents with his hands literally at his sides, behind his back or even resting on his knees as he slipped, bobbed and weaved to avoid his opponent’s punches.

Numerous Argentine sources also cite the fact that Locche’s approach towards submitting himself to traditional boxing training and discipline was sometimes lackadaisical. For example, Locche was a known habitual cigarette smoker throughout most if not all of his boxing career and his adherence to the strict dietary requirements of his trade was often quite flexible. It was not unusual to see his seconds crowd around him during the 1 minute break between rounds where he would be puffing furiously on a cigarette.


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