6 Most Popular Fighting Sports In The World

The year was 648 BCE when the ancient Olympic games included combat-related activities like boxing, wrestling, pankration, and armored foot races in its annual festivals. Fighting also became a core … Read More

“Steel” – The Twilight Zone

Read the following analysis of the Steel – Twilight Zone episode written on the ScreenAnarchy website. http://screenanarchy.com/2011/12/exploring-the-twilight-zone-episode-122-steel.html It’s the real Real Steel, the episode written by Richard Matheson that inspired the recent … Read More

The only place where Modern-Day Gladiators collide

SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM All the characters above are the exclusive property and creation of PYGOD Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ is the exclusive property and creation of PYGOD SLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, operated, and owned by PYGOD   No … Read More

First Toughwoman champion Shannon “Dallas” Hall

 Shannon Hall  The first Toughwoman championship was won by former “TV gladiator” (a participant of the athletic TV show “American Gladiators”) Shannon Hall (“Dallas”) who had not boxed … Read More