Hugo Girard vs. Patrick Côté – Strongman vs UFC

Hugo Girard vs. Patrick Côté Strongman vs Patrick Côté.

Hugo Girard vs Pat Côté - UFC vs Strongman.

Patrick Côté, Québec, Canada, 5’11”, 228 lbs, age 39.  

MMA 23-10 (21 UFC Fights); 1 Pro Boxing match

Hugo Girard, Québec, Canada, 6′, 327 lb, age 37. 
Champion du World Strongman Challenge en 2002.

The Exhibition (I hate this word) took place in September 20, 2019.

Nothing more than a glorified sparring session.

Like I always say, “if this shit was real”. Even fat and out of shape, Patrick Côté would have KTFO of roided strongman Hugo Girard.

One reason only, Patrick Côté was, not too long ago, a world-class MMA Fighter. He fought 21 fights in the UFC. Enough said!

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