THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (UFC 1: The Beginning) and THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MEN (1977 World’s Strongest Man) are for sure the two single most determinant events in the modern history of combat sports and strength sport.  No doubt about that!  Those two historical events are responsible for my choice as a young adult to became a professional fighter and/or a strength athlete.  Those two magical moments are the reasons why I still weight train today.
I’ve been raised on pro wrestling, heavy metal music, and porn.  A little bit later on, you can add the early UFC tournaments and the World’s Strongest Man competitions.  Thankx to the early UFC era, as a young adult, I wanted to become a pro fighter.  So I started to weight train and do cardio training at the University’s gym and I embarked into karate, then boxing.  But by nature, I’m a loner and a very individualist person.  So training in group for a fight sport wasn’t ideal for me.  I wanted to do my own thing by my own.  And with the popularity of the World’s Strongest Man contests on TV.  I’ve became really found of the WSM.  So found that I wanted to become a strongman competitor.  I wanted to be the biggest and strongest I can.  But my dream to become a pro fighter wasn’t gone.  So at the same time of my old-school drug-free strongman training I’ve decides to took judo classes.  At the time, it was the closest thing to MMA you can get, at least in my neighbour.  But with all my reading and my short experience, I realized that you can excel in both combat sports and strength sports at the same time.  Combat sports requires high conditioning and stamina; and strength sports requires strength and bulk.  So I flushed judo, as well as the group classes wasn’t my thing.  And I dedicated 110% of my effort and thoughts on becoming the biggest strongest mofo I can be!!!  With my ultimate goal being to participate in strongman contests by the age of 30 to 35, the peak age for strength sports.  And I succeeded and achieved my goal NATURALLY…  for the end of my story go check my book CHEATING NATURE WITHOUT STEROIDS.

Enough of my life story and my bragging.  Now we will return to our two main subjects: the UFC and the WSM.  Yeeeaaah!!!  First of all the UFC.  The UFC was so fuckin’ out of this world!!  It was great!  It was a dream come true!!  (Yes I know I’ve already said that a thousand times!)  Eight unique fighters of all shapes, of all sizes, from different fighting backgrounds, in a one-night tournament inside a steel cage with NO FUCKIN’ RULES!!!!  It was PURE martial art!  It was Perfect!  Perfect til a senile POW judged for the good of us all that it was “human cockfighting” and it must be banned!!  Maybe making war and killing children is more acceptable than seeing two consenting adults fighting for pride and glory???  At least Obama trumped his sorry ass!!  Ah ah!    No need to say that I hate the new UFC.

Now let’s go for an happier note.  The World’s Strongest Man contests!!  Wow!  I love it!!  The first WSM I’ve witnessed was the 1993 World’s Strongest Man.  The one won by Gary Taylor, with colorful competitors as Chief Iron Bear Collins and the man with the largest arms on the planet, 26 inches biceps Manfred Hoeberl.  Extraordinary, out of this world, amazing display of human strength!!  Just as the old UFC, the WSM make an ever-lasting impression on me.

Yes I am a nostalgic.  I miss the good old UFC and the good old WSM.  In those times, there were no pure MMA fighters and no pure strongman competitors.  It was all fighters and strength athletes from different disciplines trying to be the best in a field out of their confort zone.  In my view, it was easier for the common man to relate to these men who competed for honour, pride and glory.  Now the UFC is bullshit to me.  And the WSM is populated by strongman specialists only always competing in the same recuring events years after years.  No more novelty, no more drama!

At least I can watch the old classics at will, missing the good ol’ times!!

Here below are my all-time two favorite sports events.  Click on the pictures and rejoice yourself by watching the birth of two wonderful sports.  The UFC and the WSM.  Everything is there: the competitors ‘ full profiles, the tale of the tape, vintage pictures, all the useful links, and for sure the full length events footage videos.   Enjoy!