Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul purses

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul purses. StrengthFighter.com

Unlike what’s stated in the video below, a more accurate estimation of Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather purses would be $100 Million for Floyd Mayweather and $20 Million for Logan Paul.

That’s their following, fanbase and fame that make them so much Money. 
It’s all about the attention.

Who Really Won Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather? YouTube podcast by Colin and Samir offers a clear analysis of the repercussion of this one of a kind “Boxing Exhibition” between two masters of self-promotion. (the video is just below)

Celebrity Deathmatch comes to life.
Celebrity Deathmatch MTV.  StrengthFighter.com

The Paul Brothers put up their own boxing promotion Most Valuable Promotions.
Paul Brothers Most Valuable Promotions.  StrengthFighter.com

Logan Paul is all about bringing in the cash and entertaining the people. Here’s what he said: 
“As long as it can bring an audience, Jake and I want to be the biggest prize fighters on the planet. We wanna fight people who will put on a big show, draw a large audience and entertain a lot of people. That’s what we wanna do… This is a three, four, five, six, seven-year plan.”

The term he used here is prize fighter, not boxer. They want to put on the biggest fuckin’ show with the biggest fuckin’ crowd with as much media fanfare around it as humanly possible. That’s what bring eyeballs! That’s what bring excitement!! That’s what bring big Money around a fight!!! Pure entertainment, mass appeal and reaching a brand (no pun intented) new audience to the sport of Boxing.!!!
In my view, whether you like it or not, this is the future of Boxing. 
Just looks at the numbers.
Money talks. Bullshit walks.
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