Shaw Brothers Universe (Hong Kong Kung Fu movies)

SHAW BROTHERS MOVIES Hong Kong Kung Fu movies.

Between 760 to 1,000 films in all.
One movie every week and turning a profit on each.

The Shaw Brothers ruled it all. They make movies with their own stars, actors, stuntmen, technicians, fan magazines, editors, sound stagers, composers, editors, etc. Everything was done in house.

Shaw Brothers Studio was modeled after the classic Hollywood system, with hundreds of actors signed to exclusive contracts. While other studios rotated cast members, Shaw Brothers assigned certain groups of actors to work exclusively with certain directors.

In its heyday, it was considered to be the world’s largest privately owned movie production studio with around 23 buildings laid out across the 46 acre site. With residential buildings for actors and crew as well as private homes, it was somewhat of a movie sweatshop, and it came to be known as Movietown.

Shaw Brothers Studio is largely known for his Martial Arts movies. However “only” 260 are Martial Arts movies.

Shaw Brothers Studio number of Kung Fu movies by year.

260 Kung Fu movies over 22 years. (average 11.8 movies per year)

Since you all know how much I love Money, I will throw you some number$.

In 2007, Forbes estimated the worth of the Shaw media empire at $3.5 Billion.

1 HK$ = 0.129 USD$

Movie magnate and philanthropist Run Run Shaw’s total assets were more than HK$20 Billion (USD$2.58 Billion).

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