Cleve Dean

Cleve Dean
Born 15 December 1953 – died 10 May 2011
Started arm wrestling in December 1977 (age 24)
6’7″, 465 lbs
chest normal 62″
biceps 23″
18″ forearms
10.25″ right wrist
9.25″ hand length
6″ hand width
15/8” thumb thickness
17 shoe size

2 times World’s Strongest Man competitor
(6th in 1979; 9th in 1980)
Don’t try!  You will lose anyway!!

 Cleve Dean was a pig farmer from Pavo, Georgia who doesn’t lift weight but possess incredible strength.  He was sheer size and power.

Cleve Dean, Sylvester Stallone and his then wife Brigitte Nielsen
while filming arm-wrestling classic movie Over The Top

Cleve Dean (6’7″, 465 lbs) was supposed to be the final opponent of Sylvester Stallone in Over The Top.  But the plans changed cause it seemed too irrealistic that the 169-pound Stallone beat a behemoth nearly three times his size.

Over-the-Top figures: John Brzenk vs Cleve Dean, Bruce Way, and Sylvester Stallone (Lincoln Hawk).

Cleve Dean holds more than 90 world arm-wrestling titles.

Biggest hand in Armwrestling

“Cleves hand is 10 inches from wrist to middle finger tip. And his palm is 5 and a 1/4 wide at top palm. and he wears 20 on ring finger hand.” – Neil Robinson
” If hand size and strength was everything Cleve Dean would still be undefeated. ” – John Brzenk
Actual Size of Cleve Dean's hand
Compare your hand to Cleve Dean

click for his actual hand size

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9 thoughts on “Cleve Dean

  1. And abou height? It's said he is 6'6, but have back issues. Heatly can being at 6'8. At 6'8 no doubt he has 10 inch hands or more. Btw, nice blog! 😀

  2. His height was billed as 6ft 7in. 10" hand length are usually for the over 7ft NBA basketball player.

  3. Cleve Dean's hand are most likely 9.25" in length as indicated on his arm wrestling stats. 6" wide is huge!!!

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