Gay for Pay pro bodybuilders (NSFW)

Your favorite bodybuilder is maybe a male prostitute, a gay 4 pay.

 Pro bodybuilders competing for the attention and the eventual “sponsoring” of a rich gay old man.

A lot of bodybuilders are making gay-friendly videos.

With $60,000 of yearly expenses (GH, steroids, food…) plus coaching and travelling fees.

Your favorite bodybuilders needs “sponsoring”.

IFBB pro Lee Priest pleasing a schmoe

Schmoe: Men, usually wealthy, worshipping amateur and pro bodybuilders and willing to pay them for private posing sessions and sexual favors.  A schmoe, sponsor, client can pay on a “per session / per visit” basis or have a long-term or stipend type arrangement with the bodybuilder.

Gay for Pay: An heterosexual man doing gay porn and/or prostitution for money.

An old gay man with a men breasts fetish.
It’s amazing to see that with the right amount of money any hetero man can turn gay.

Everything can be bought and sold.

Everybody’s Got a Price

Never forget the two truths above.

The late giant-sized Canadian bodybuilder Greg Kovacs wrote an article on the subject.

“Gay for pay is as prevalent in the bodybuilding community as protein powder.”    — Greg Kovacs

Here are some of the requests that Greg Kovacs regularly get during his entire bodybuilding career.

– Bear hug them until they lose consciousness.
– Lift a fridge, naked, at their home.
– Blowing up balloons on webcam, naked.
– Send them my dirty underwear, socks and other freshly worn clothing items.
– Send them a pair of freshly worn posing trunks.
– A video tape of me going to the washroom. Not number one, number two.
– Private posing session.

Ridiculously big sums of money where offered to him in exchange of these services.

 You can’t get any gayer than this pic!
This is what they call ‘muscle gallery’.

Welcome to the Mutual Benefit Society

There is a dark side of bodybuilding that you should know.  And I don’t speak of the rampant steroids, GHG, insulin, diuretics abuse. Since everybody know that bodybuilders are walking human pharmacy.  No I speak about another lesser known aspect of bodybuilding.  The Gay for Pay bodybuilding meat market.  Just like heterosexual men are willing to pay for sex with women.  Homosexual men are also willing to pay to have sex with men.  Women aren’t really digging the huge juiced bodybuilder look. But this lean muscle mass monsters are especially popular in the gay community.  A lot of gay men are lusting for amateur and pro bodybuilders.  Many are willing to pay big money to get private posing sessions and more…  Most bodybuilders aren’t gay but they do need a lot of money to pursue their dream.  So selling yourself to eventual “sponsors” aka schmoes became a viable way to make big money in a short time.

The reason why Kai Greene will never be Mr. Olympia…

Yes this is Kai Greene fucking a grapefruit

Yes this is Gay Greene, 
2nd Place at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Mr. Olympia competition
Kai Greene is a gay for pay


Everything you should know about schmoe and gay for pay.

Here below are some excerpts:

“the “dark” side of the sport consists of competitors making lusting videos for gay audiences, escorting and/or “private posing” for male fans and judges. Every competitor knows someone who does this but no one ever talks about it because in their mutual fear of discovery lies mutual safety.”

“But I am telling you: sponsoring is like polo or drossage; it’s a rich man’s sport, not a poor man’s game and should NOT be attempted by someone who can’t afford it. The pathetic “schmoes” are the ones who compete too hard to play on that field yet have little to offer. And there are quite a few of those who ruin it for the best of us.”

“I have not had to wait very long to establish what the nature of the relationship would be and what is expected. I don’t think it’s cool to try to trick or sneak someone into something. However, trust and discretion are mutually important in these situations. I am still friendly or cool with most of the BBers I have ever dealt with, and that’s because we show each other mutual respect, and have no need to be deceptive or to engage in trickery.”

For the right price they are all G4P!!! Sometimes these guys (the bodybuilders) get a little desperate and will allow poor judgement to prevail. That is when they get a reputation for providing escort services. This certainly can detract from goals set in competition, depending on how judges feel. For instance, with the current publicity, it is unlikely that the parents of little Johnny who views his wrestling or bodybuilding champ as a superhero, would want their son to even get involved with an athlete, or look up to an athlete, who is selling his body to make payment for his apartment and gear costs. Superhero status or not.”

“I do not think all bodybuilders are G4P. However, a high percentage of them are, have been, or are willing to be under the right circumstances.”  

“I wanted to add some commentary about those who seem to have a real issue with men who enjoy muscle worship and have the disposable income to pay for it, if they so choose.”

“I travel on a regular basis and vacation in many places all over the world. I own or co-own a couple of properties that are often used as vacation places for many of my colleagues. These colleagues are both straight and gay, but most of them are straight men.”

“All of the straight men have shared with me that they enjoy going to exotic locales and using their money to wine and dine the hottest women and pay for dates in exchange for sexual favors from them. Many of them also have their own secret luxury apartments in US cities that they use for the same purpose. They fly in women they meet in other cities or other countries, have them stay for a while, pay the women well or give them lots of nice womanly gifts, have their way with them, and send them home.”

“Why do straight men with money do this? Because they can! Hell, even men with thin wallets and small budgets try to get away with it as much as they can. I recall when I was a kid, my grandmother discovering that my grandfather (who was not a wealthy man by any means) had been paying for another woman to get a Maytag washer and dryer. Somehow the bill accidentally was sent to my grandma.”

“Anyway, men are men — gay or straight. Just as many straight men like to use their disposable income or influence to have fun with hot chicks, many men who like men like to do the same with hot men. This happens all over the planet and has been going on since the dawn of time. The notion of Western romantic love and marriage is a relatively new one.” 

“Shame and guilt are oppressive feelings with no meaningful, positive purpose.”     — YellaDawg, a wealthy schmoe on forum
Chris Duffy AKA Bull Stanton
was a notorious gay for pay
IFBB pro bodybuilder
doing gay porn and escort gigs

NPC competitor Chris Demers and
Bruce Patterson under the name Chris Thunder

The bodybuilding sport is still alive thankx to the schmoes who “sponsors” bodybuilders.

Life of a Gay IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Fitness Models Gay For Pay (NSFW)

Fitness model and “natural” bodybuilder Matt Ogus is famous for doing erotic webcam shows for money. a client
schmoes with IFBB pros pics (NSFW)
Chris Duffy AKA Bull Stanton was a gay for pay bodybuilder.

Kali Muscle g4p
Schmoes lusting for female bodybuilders

40 thoughts on “Gay for Pay pro bodybuilders (NSFW)

  1. Saying that any heterosexual bodybuilder can turn gay for the right ammount of money sounds offensive towards homosexuals because it suggests being homosexual is all about sex or that you will only care about having a bodybuilder next to you all the time.

    There are people who feel attracted to bodybuilders just like there are people who don't feel attracted to bodybuilders regardless of sexual orientation.

    I am not a bodybuilder, but from what I have seen and learnt it seems to me that many of them are open-minded and don't feel threatened for being around someone of their own sex who might feel attracted to them. Bodybuilding (at least when on stage) is about exhibitionism and people respond to it in different ways. They (bodybuilders) also understand there is a sexual aspect in the sport because it involves the very weapon of sexual attraction: the HUMAN BODY.

  2. Has the author ever considered that some of the bodybuilders he is referring to might just be gay or bisexual? Anyway they are all adults so why cares what they are doing to make money and keep themselves entertained…

  3. The majority of bodybuilders are gay for pay which mean they are "straight" guys who engages in homosexual activities in exchange of money. (I don't sure my definition of straight includes a 10-inch dildo in the ass!)

    But as you say, these people are all consenting adults so they can do whatever the fuck they wants for money and/or entertainment.

  4. I actually think the above was well written and pretty close to the real, honest truth.

    If you're not interested in reaching the highest level of whatever your chosen field is, then, you can stay pure and clean and not get mixed up with anything questionable or dirty. And that actually might be the best way to go.

    But if you want to be get as close to the top (of your chosen field) as possible, then, there will be comprises. You will need the "help" (influence, money, or both) … of others, in order to get to the top.

    Some (many) of those "others" … will expect something in return, once you get to the top.

    SEE: any politician, perhaps Obama is the Biggest Example … who, in the space of about 15 years, went from being … a no-name "community activist", to a no-name local (state) politician (Illinois House of Representatives), to a no-name national (federal) politician (Illinois State Senator), to … President of the U.S. You think he got to the top all by himself, on just his good looks and brains and … honesty?

    But going back to Pro Bodybuilders and Gay Porn. I'm sure those who wanted … or still want … to reach the top, need money. And if you're not independently wealthy, or if you're not able to make $250,000-a-year in the Corporate World (which most bodybuilders aren't qualified for in terms of education) … then … you gotta get money somehow. And the above article explains exactly what goes on.

  5. Yes indeed! You are 100% right. To succeed and excels at your chosen profession or activity. You need to stay open for "backdoor" dealing. No punt intended.

  6. What about heterosexual male bodybuilders who engage in sexual acts with women for money? Are they also socially condemned as severly as people do with guys engaging in sexual acts wth other guys?

    How justly is morality applied in this case?

  7. I wish I could be as happy as the schmoe in pictures 3-8. He looks like he's died and gone to heaven fondling those man breasts.

  8. I wonder if any of these muscle mammoths have been tied up by their 'sponsors' for a session of erotic kinky bondage…………

  9. A male bodybuilder having any sort of sexual encounter/business with other man is not morally wrong as long as they are on equal terms.

    Heterosexuality has never been the only sexual orientation on this planet and will never be, so people get over it.

  10. Fuck ifbb fuck npc fuck dorian yates fuck everyone with a fat ass distended gut. I hate these needle injecting glute pinning queers being so popular. Steroids should have been flushed out of bodybuilding but drugs are increasing and only increasing. I m not homophobic but these pieces of shit fags ruined the sport.

  11. Fuck ifbb fuck npc fuck dorian yates fuck everyone with a fat ass distended gut. I hate these needle injecting glute pinning queers being so popular. Steroids should have been flushed out of bodybuilding but drugs are increasing and only increasing. I m not homophobic but these pieces of shit fags ruined the sport.

  12. All the homophobic comments are hilarious considering that the "sport" involves a bunch of men developing their bodies, while competing, comparing the bodies of other men. Repressed?

  13. Why you can't admit that everybody will do anything for Money?
    That's the reason why it is normal for people to sell-out their entire life working jobs they hate for a measly $500 a week.

  14. My favourite bodybuilder may be a heterosexual prostitute. Could you write another aritcle on male bodybuilders prostituting themselves to women? Thanks.

  15. Unfortunately for us all, women usually don't pay for sex. Women who pay for male escort usually want companionship first and sex second.

    A serious male escort for women can join this exclusive website for free. This site is serious and legit and only serious people can be admit in the forum.

    A male escort for women must presents himself as a gentleman. Photos of your cocks is usually a turn-off for most women. Women who seek male escorts want to be 100% sure that they will not do business with a crook or a psychopath. So creating an online relationship first is mandatory.

    And the ladies searching for male escort will most likely look Susan Boyle than Pamela Anderson.


  16. Hi.
    Thanks for replying.

    Well, what people call "G4P" may be more frequent in the bodybuilding circle, however, there also exists a market for women where male bodybuilders sell themselves to them (women). This is one of the sites where you can find male bodybuilders, fitness models and personal trainers who are escorts for women (cowboys 4 angels).

    People usually call the phenomenon of G4P "the dark side of bodybuilding", but the question is, why isn't heterosexual prostitution among bodybuilders the dark side of bodybuilding too? Both phenomenons occur in bodybuilding and are the same thing; having sex with or providing any form of sexual gratification to a client.

    What I'm trying to say is that I see a double standard on this subject. Heterosexual prostitution among bodybuilders exists but it is never addressed, condemned or mocked. Does that mean that heterosexual prostitution is glorified by bodybuilding?

  17. Speaking for myself, as a 100% heterosexual man. I would be proud to get paid to screw women. But I WOULDN'T suck cocks or getting fucked in the ass for a couple of thousand bucks.

    If they like to favor gay men, fine! But, as I know, for an heterosexual man, having sex with another man, would be a dreadful, no-no experience.

    However, as the sex scientist Kinsey said: People are heterosexual and homosexual to various degrees. It is not a black or white, all or nothing situation. That's the reason why several people secretly experiment same sex affairs or are bisexual.

    As long as they are consenting adults. They can do whatever they want, for free or for Money.


  18. I understand all that. The point I'm trying to bring to the conversation is that there is a double standard in the way the topic is addressed, that is, G4P is generally condemned and mocked, however, heterosexual prostitution also exists in bodybuilding, but people tend to turn a blind eye to it and, if ever addressed, it is never morally condemned or mocked. No one ever says "male bodybuilders prostituting themselves to women gives a bad name to bodybuilding".

    It is very likely that most bodybuilders who engage in G4P may not be 100% heterosexual and they are perhaps exploring a repressed side of theirs, but the point is that regardless of sexual orientation any form of prostitution among bodybuilders should be judged under the same principle. Having two standards for the same phenomenon invalidates any anttempt of criticism.

    Being a male bodybuilder who prostitutes himself to women isn't anymore moral or glorious than being one for men and it causes the same good or bad to bodybuilding.

    Happy Year.

  19. To be fair unless there is some actual homosexual activity, very little of what's being posted is actual gay for pay. Unless there is actual person to person activity happening, it really can't be classified as G4P, JMHO. I understand the suggestivity of muscle worship or jerking off for the payer, but if there is no actual contact, is it really gay, I'd say not.

  20. Unless it's actual guy on guy sexual activity, I have a hard time defining it as true G4P. Jerking off for a viewer or using a prop, that's little more than masturbation with an audience, not truly gay. Letting someone touch your muscle or posing for them, again not gay, JMHO.

  21. You are right. In my view, this is truly gay when there is sexual contact. However as an hetero, I would have real problem with live posing and letting a gay touching me. But it's all about the Money!

  22. I wonder if you would have cteated this blog to denounce stragiht prostitution in bodybuilding. I assume you are straight.

    But straight prostitution is big in bodybuilding too: a lot of sex, especially for older rich women who pay for everything, a whole stay in suites, summer houses, flight tickets to paradises, escorting, bodybuilders disguised as bodyguards, etc.

    Why can't Kai Greene make a bunch of sexual videos for his gay fans but other bodybuilders can do straight porn (yeah penetration and all that) and no one even cares?

  23. I'm 100% for porn, prostitution or any kind of sexual practices as long as it is between consenting adults. It is none of our business and it SHOULDN'T be the government business. This article was made to illustrate a phenom that I've never thought to be that big in bodybuilding.

  24. Most bodybuilders aren't gay? I wouldn't dare assert such thing.

    Everybody knows bodybuilding has a huge gay following so naturally, bodybuilding speaks to a gay man's senses regarding attraction to men. Literally bodybuilding exist thanks to gay fans, they buy the mags, they buy the posters, they buy the tickets to shows, they do almost everyhting that keeps the business going.

    Male bodybuilding is as exciting for heterosexual men as female bodybuilding is for gay men, pff!

    So, by simple logic, the number of gay bodybuilders is certainly much bigger than anybody would honestly and humbly admit. Perhaps not the majority in the strict sense, but for sure combined with bisexual men gay and bi bodybuilders can perfectly make up 40% to 70% of the entire male bodybuilder population. Just because you don't know of many who are openly gay doesn't mean there are only few gay bodybuilders.

    The corrupted politics behind bodybuilding are still homophobic; a gay bodybuilder could have the best body ever but just because he is gay judges could discard him.

    Remember what happened to Bob Paris. Praised as one the best and hottest bodies in bodybuilding yet his bodybuilding career was ruined by the homophobic politics of bodybuilding.

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