Jobber Hall Of Fame.  

Our glorious jobbers and tomato cans need their Hall Of Fame.  They put their bodies and health on the line everytime they step into the ring and/or cage.  Our champions and prospects need jobbers and tomato cans to built their careers. 

For every fight, there is a winner and a loser.  And I can tell you that the men below are more often than not on the losing end of every battle they took part.  They are the designated losers.  Pro wrestling, Boxing and MMA wouldn’t exist without jobbers and tomato cans.  They are at the bottom of the food chain. 

Ode to our jobbers to make us laugh so loud!

WWE pro wrestler James Ellsworth undersized underdog jobber
WWE pro wrestler James Ellsworth
The poster boy for outta nowhere jobbers and losers around the world!

Pro Wrestling

Mulkey Brothers
Losing record: 0-180

Brad Rheingans
Dale Wolfe
David Arquette WCW World Champion
Damien Sandow 
Drew McIntyre
Dusty Wolfe
James Ellsworth
Jerry Allen
Jim Clontz
Mulkey Brothers 
Paul Dose
Rick Bolton
Rick Hunter
S.D. Jones
Sivi Afi
Steve Lombardi
The Brooklyn Brawler
The Gladiator
THE Steve Austin
Tiger Chung Lee
Zack Ryder

Winless Pro Wrestling Jobbers


Reggie Strickland
Legendary serial loser / tomato can extraordinare
losing record: 66-276-17

Brian Sutherland
Mitch Hicks
Peter Buckley
Reggie Strickland


Kenneth Allen
MMA worst tomato can
losing record: 1-34

Aric “Cage” Nelson (Daisy Of Love)
Bob Sapp
Jeremiah Riggs / Big Rig (Daisy Of Love)
Kenneth Allen

                               Washington Generals Awards
Losing Streak: 345-22,500