How to Become Chad Thundercock

How to Be Like Chad Thundercock.
How to Be Like Chad Thundercock.

Every man wants to be like Chad Thundercock. And I’m here to help you become one. 

First, get his trademark ‘OUCH!’ red tank top to impregnate yourself with the Alpha Male machismo and animal magnetism of Chad Thundercock himself.

OUCH! red tank top as worn by Chad Thundercock. PYGOD.COM
OUCH! red tank top as worn by
Chad Thundercock.

Steal his look - Chad Thundercock edition.

Second, now that you have the look. You should act like you’re already Chad Thundercock. 
Strut with confidence. You’re the King Of The World!
Fake it til you make it!  
It’s 110% about the attitude, your ATTITUDE!!!

Third, start lifting weights to build your muscles.

John Cena The Prototype.
The real-life Chad Thundercock is John Cena as The Prototype

If you want to be the real Dominator, The Ultimate Alpha Male and you are ready to go all-in (years of dedicated weight training, force-feeding boring food, and special “supplements”)

Here is your roadmap, the only book you will ever need.

Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

Or you can settle for the more easily attainable (stop eating and start doing curls), more mainstream, and universally revered Brad Pitt Fight Club pussy slayer body shape.

Brad Pitt Fight Club workout & diet.

The choice is yours!


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