Naked Women Wrestling (NSFW)

Sexual Wrestling – Ultimate Surrender (The Rules)

Carmen Electra’s
Naked Women’s Wrestling League

Carmen Electra’s NWWL
Carmen Electra Presents NWWL

Naked Women’s Wrestling League, also known as NWWL
 was founded in 2004 with Carmen Elektra as the figure of the organization.

But unfortunately, Carmen Elektra sued NWWL for breach of contract in 2007.  NWWL supposedly owed $400,000 to Carmen Elektra for always using her name with the NWWL.

In late 2007, the NWWL launched a now-defunct website where their nude wrestling matches are
available for download.

Since the
promotion debuted, the NWWL shows have been broadcast in approximately 38
countries. In addition,
the wrestlers have been featured in Penthouse, Playboy, and Maxim.

 NWWL is now defunct since 2009.
Their website is down.

Howard Mann was the owner.

Long-time pro wrestling manager Jimmy Hart appeared on the program
Porn star Mary Carey too.

Ron Hutchinson was the lucky trainer of the naked female wrestlers.

April Hunter

Naked Women Strap-porn Wrestling


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