TNA iMPACT Wrestling pain in the ass review zzz

Thursday, December. 12, 2013:

TNA iMPACT Wrestling (9pm ET / 2am UK)

What a fuckin’ pain in the ass it is to watch this fuckin’ shit!!!! Smiley

Bad Influence vs. Joseph Parks & Eric Young
Vomit!  Kill this fuckin’ fat asshole Joseph Parks!!!  Unfortunately it won’t happen tonight.  Joseph Parks bleed… snap… and won. 🙁
You are Abyss fat asshole!  Eric Young is a genius!

EC3 vs. Jeremy Borasch… Yes, I love it! 
Fuck… Old past his prime 54 years old receeding hairline asshole Sting come to the ring….  EC3 avoided fighting the geriatric Stink for tonight.

Fuckin’ long and boring Magnus locker room monologue zzzzz



Austin Aires vs. Chris Sabin
It is stunning to see that in the space of two weeks, Chris Sabin came from being a goodie two shoes brown-nose underdog to become a goofy heel.  Austin Airies won the X-Division title.  So what?

Mr. Anderson vs. ???? Bully Ray piledrivered him on the ramp.  And recitated some biblical non-sense to him.  LOL 🙂

Fest or Fired one of the hundreds stupid gimmick matches that TNA have…
10 TNA jackasses in the ring…  I don’t even waste my time naming them.  Since there is three fuckin’ jobbers scums in the ring.  Two 150-pound pasty white “backstage guys” named The Nerds and Curry Man???
EC3 got suitcase number 3.  Probably full of shit!!
DJ Douchebag Bromance Gay caught suitcase 2…
Two unworthy jobbers caught the two first briefcases? What’s the point?
Chavo Guerrero aka Chavo le fag took down briefcase number 4…
Probably a fuckin’ tag team title match inside…
Finally a real who put his hands on a damn briefcase, Gunner take down the briefcase number 1.

Finally, this shit is over!  Smiley


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