Why Learn a Martial Art?

Why learn a Martial Art?

Combat Sports, self-defense, discipline, physical and mental health benefits, an acceptable outlet for anger, self-confidence, competition, etc.

But the aspect about Martial Arts that really fascinate me is Combat Sports. I’ve always been fascinated by Combat Sports, the purity and the truth of it. The kill or be kill. The one-on-one honesty of it, unless its purity is soiled by judges’ decisions or overzealous referees who stop fights too soon.

As a Combat Sports fanatic and writer/blogger, I just couldn’t find what I really wanted in Pro Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing. So I created my own vision of Martial Arts, my own version of Combat Sports. SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM Everything Combat Sports ought to be.

Is it a shameless plug? Yes it is, but I think it might interest you.

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