Why Do You Need to Learn Grappling Martial Arts for Self Defense?

Self-defense is one of the prime reasons for which people learn different martial arts. Material arts are of two major types: striking and grappling.

Striking martial arts leads towards takedowns, punching, kicking, and other hitting styles and using them in self-defense situations can cause serious injuries to both attackers and defenders. However, grappling is meant to take opponents down to the ground and use different submission techniques to get out of the mess.

In this post, you will learn what grappling martial arts are, why they are important for self-defense, why you should learn them.

What are Grappling Martial Arts?

Grappling martial arts are those combatting sports that are focused on ground fighting, takedowns, and throws. BJJ, Judo, Sumo, Wrestling, Sambo, and Shuai Chiao are some examples of grappling martial arts.

Why Grappling Martial Arts are Important for Self Defense?

Professionals consider grappling martial arts more effective than striking martial arts when it comes to self-defense. By using these martial arts you can get out of the mess by making lesser damage to opponents while in striking martial arts there are the chances that you hit somewhere sensitive that may lead to serious injuries and can be a police case.

Grappling martial arts enable you to block opponent’s strikes and place submission techniques to make the opponent feel some pain and let you go. They also teach you to control your force while executing different takedown and submission techniques, so you should not use excessive force that can result in serious damage.

Reasons to Learn Grappling Martial Arts for Self Defense

There are multiple reasons for learning grappling martial arts for self-defense. Some of the most important ones are as follows.

To Control the Fight

One of the most prominent reasons for learning grappling martial arts is that they teach you to stay on the top in street fights. Whatever techniques opponents might be using, with the help of these martial arts, you can easily get them to the ground.

In other words, while learning grappling techniques you also learn how to control your opponent with hands by manipulating the mechanics of their body and move them in the desired way.

For example, in judo you are thought to throw opponents to the ground and in jiu-jitsu to off balance or lock in a submission by using the opponent’s body biomechanics.

If you know when and where to grab opponents like grapplers do, you will surely stand tall in self-defense scenarios.

To Get Out of the Mess with Minimum Damage

Though self-defense is the lawful right of every individual, it does not mean to make an opponent’s life a living help by striking and hitting for serious damage and lifelong injuries. According to the self-defense law you can use the amount of force

that cause minimum harm to opponent and help you get out of the situation instead of getting in a serious trouble afterwards.

Learning grappling martial arts can help you learn techniques that can force your opponent to let you go. Techniques like chokes, arm locks, and leg locks are efficient ones in this respect. A martial art instructor will teach you how to get close to your opponents and take them to the ground before they do any harm to you.

To Face Least Risks of Injuries While Training

If you want to learn self-defense while looking for martial arts with the least risks of injuries at training time, grappling martial arts can be your perfect choice. You face very least injuries while training these martial arts unlike striking martial arts.

Striking martial arts are focused on hitting, punching, and kicking so there are greater chances that you get an uncontrolled hit while sparring. While grappling sports are more focused on grabbing others to take to the ground. Therefore, they hold few possibilities of injury occurrence. Martial art instructors also teach trainees for the right training gears to prevent injuries.

To Learn Force Control

Force control is an important factor in self-defense. Grappling martial arts teach you the right amount of force to use while applying different defensive techniques to opponents just for getting out of the situation.

As you are not meant to cause serious harm to opponents and your only purpose is to defend yourself, learning these martial arts can help you get impregnable self-defense skills.

Instructors of these martial arts also teach anger management in such situations to keep your mind present to take the right steps for self-defense. Gression always

leads to uncontrolled use of force while applying different submissive techniques like chokes and throws can cause serious injuries to opponents.

To Get Advantage over Untrained Opponents

Distance management is also one of the key factors that helps you to get advantage over your opponents in street fights. Learning grappling martial arts makes it easy to know what should be the distance range between you and your opponent to stay safe from their strikes. You always do not meet trained opponents, which means that they can go any way to hit you, if you are in their striking range, you may get a serious damage.

While learning what is too close and too far range to avoid during your grappling martial art classes, you will make the right movements and get an upper hand in such situations.


From the entire discussion, you can easily understand why it is important for you to go for learning grappling martial arts like BJJ, sambo, and Judo etc., for impregnable self-defense.



Ann Edwards is the fully qualified personal trainer from Elite sports. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness from more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition for our team.

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