SLAUGHTERSPORT – Survival of the fittest


SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM is Combat Sports as it ought to be.

2 Combatants inside a 20-foot diameter circle on a concrete floor fighting until one is fully KOed, dead or submit. Absolute victory.

No gender classes, no weight classes, no age classes, no drug testing, no amateur category, no mandatory gear. Dress as you want and do whatever the fuck you need to do to defeat your enemy. 

Only 2 rules.

  • No weapon.
  • No outside interference.
It’s a 24-Participant Combatant year-long round-robin tournament where a Combatant have to face each of the other Combatants unless there is casualties (injuries, deads, illness…) In this case, an Alternate Combatant will fill in.

A lineal Who-Beat-Who ranking system and only one Champion, The World’s Greatest Fighter who will get $100 Million.

Survival Of The Fittest


  1. A no-brainer. You must know how to fight. Skills first. Start as soon as possible. 10 years of serious training in a mixture of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Dutch Kickboxing, Freestyle Wrestling, eye-gouging and biting would be perfect.
  2. Being able-bodied. Since, for now, artificial limbs aren’t as good as the real thing in one-on-one Combat Sports.
  3. Stamina. Stamina. Stamina. No matter what, you need gas in the tank.
  4. Killer instinct. Without the will to kill and maim crush your enemy you have no business in the SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  5. Size matters. Being at least 6 feet tall and 200 pounds should help.
  6. Strategy/brain. This one is highly associated with skills and how to use it.
  7. Toughness. Being able to fight despite pain, injuries and/or illnesses.
  8. Being a man. When it come to Combat Sports, men have an unfair advantage over women in term of size, strength, speed, and stamina.
  9. Chemical assistance. Probably a prerequisite if you want to be the best.
  10. Age. Being a full-grown adult under 50 is a must. 

Yes, there are many exceptions but these are the basic guidelines.

By any mean, #1 is the most important. Learn a Martial Art and stick to it for the next 10 years and see what happens. No matter what, you will get the greatest physical and psychological benefits from your dedication to Martial Arts.

See you in 10 years.

If you dare!


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