Isaac “Dr. Size” Nesser world record measurements

Isaac Nesser World Record Biggest Arms and Chest
Isaac Nesser 74 inch chest 29 inch arms
Isaac ‘Dr. Size’ Nesser 
Born April 21, 1952
74 inch chest 29 inch arms
22 inches forearms
6-foot, 360-368 pounds
size 48 pants
Neck: 23.5 inches

Started lifting weights at the age of 9.
Boasted an unbelievable 950 pounds Bench Press
Squat 1,050 pounds

Still refuse to compete in any Strongman and Powerlifting event.


P.S (Evidently all his PR lifts were done without any witnesses. He also forgot to mention that he was the first man to land on the moon.)
Isaac Nesser next to a pepsi can

Isaac Nesser

Isaac Nesser benching a van
Isaac Nesser bench pressing a 2,000 pounds van.
Isaac Nesser carrying a truck engine
Isaac Nasser lifting a 700-pound engine.
Isaac Dr Size Nesser
29″ arms???
Certainly not!
Isaac Nesser website

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