WWE buys TNA

WWE buys TNA
WWE buying TNA?

Knowing Vince McMahon, he is probably more interested in the TNA wrestling videos library than the TNA itself. Just like he did with WCW, he will keep the tape library and close down the minor wrestling promotion.

Many of TNA’s finest talent were already bought out by WWE to be send in NXT.

Current TNA Impact Wrestling President Billy Corgan
who made his $50 Million fortune
as the lead singer of  Smashing Pumpkins.

The only obstacle to WWE buying TNA for chump change is Smashing Pumpkins singer and current TNA President Billy Corgan. Billy Corgan already put more Money on the table to buy 30% ownership of TNA Impact Wrestling than the WWE is ready to spend to buy the whole package.

Only the future will tell us…

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