Train Like a Navy Seal

Navy Seals are renowned for their toughness. Not all of us are destined to be Navy Seals but deep down we all have a little bit of Seal in us. Navy Seal training is widely known and to many of us, the thought of this type of training is enough to scare us away. With that being said though you don’t have to go through a BUD’s like experience to train like a Navy Seal.

Tips to train like a Navy Seal


Fuelling your body with the right fuel is vital to ensure that your body functions optimally. Navy Seals spend days on missions without sleep and proper food. How they fuel their bodies while in training is vital to ensure that they can function during these tough times without proper food.

In addition to a healthy diet that stimulates muscle recovery hydration is equally as important. Long hours in harsh conditions are very taxing on Seal’s body and therefore good hydration is key to ensure that energy and focus levels remain at a high out in the field. Good hydration is on-going, many athletes make the mistake of wanting to hydrate while being active, this approach will only get you into trouble.

Do outside workouts

Navy Seals are faced with different challenges daily. If you want to train like a Seal mixing up your workouts is a must. Get out of the gym at least once a week and do something different, go for a trial run, swim in the ocean, or go hiking if you live in the mountains. The type of exercise doesn’t matter, what does matter is to challenge yourself to do something new.


Combat training is a very big part of Seal training. If you want to train like a Seal you need to fight and by fight, I mean taking an MMA, boxing, or Jiu-Jitsu class. Combat sports are advantageous for a variety of different reasons, it allows for variety in your training, it builds endurance, improves hand-eye coordination and it is a great stress reliever.

If you are going to step into the ring or octagon make sure to be prepared, arguably the most important piece of equipment for a fighter is a good mouthguard, to learn more about which mouthguard is best for which combat sport click here.


Seal training is vigorous, make sure to take care of your body by staying mobile. Mobility exercises aren’t always fun and they seem pretty boring but good mobility will ensure that you can do your strength workouts optimally and injury-free. Incorporate mobility exercises

into your warm-up, not only will this ensure that your body is ready but this will also eliminate the boredom associated with a 45-minute weekly mobility workout.

Stay active

Seal training is about staying active. Do a quick 10-minute workout in the mornings when you wake up, play basketball in your driveway or do push-ups while you wait for the coffee maker to get hot. Seal training is a lifestyle, it’s not just about structured weekly workouts, if you want to train like a Seal be as active as possible.

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