6 Most Popular Fighting Sports In The World

The year was 648 BCE when the ancient Olympic games included combat-related activities like boxing, wrestling, pankration, and armored foot races in its annual festivals. Fighting also became a core … Read More

Synthol Kid in a Slap Contest (Synthol Kid vs Russian Slap Champion)

“Synthol Kid” Kirill Tereshin aka Ruki Bazuki aka Popeye aka Bazooka Arms internet famous for his 24-inch synthol pumped arms. His opponent is “The Russian Farmer” Vasilii Kamotskii, better known as … Read More

Satans Schlongs > Affliction & Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier)

  I’ve seen a lot of Affliction MMA-related T-shirts and Ed Hardy tattoos-related shirts. Both brands are heavily associated with Jersey Shore-wannabe douchebags. Ed Hardy wearing douchebags Affliction wearing virgin … Read More

South Park StrongWoman Competition transgender Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Randy “Macho Man” Savage making a special appearance as “Macho Woman” Heather Swanson (name based on real-life World’s Strongest Woman Becca Swanson) in South Park episode “Board Girls” as transgender … Read More

The Perfect Drug Cycle To Create A Perfect Fighter

Fighters and bodybuilders share the same goal of developing muscles at a high level. The former is particularly concerned about increasing their functional strength along with the growth. After all, … Read More

AEW Lance Archer vs. backyard wrestlers

AEW giant Lance Archer (6’8″, 265 lbs, age 43) destroying several backyard wrestlers. The kind of wrestling vignettes that I like with an underground vibe. Sources and related links: https://cultaholic.com/posts/location-of-aew-star-lance-archer-s-murderhawk-mansion-revealed

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