dimanche 20 mai 2018


SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM is a blood sports entertainment disputed in two worlds: the real and the virtual.

The real fighting world is dominated by "The World's Greatest Fighter" Santos Dixon.

And the virtual gaming world is dominated by "The World's Greatest Gamer" Omnipotent, a self-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) who thrashed everyone, human and/or machine, in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Fighting game.

The World's Greatest Gamer

ALIASES: Omnipotent, SGC Master, SGC God, Mastermind, Supreme Intelligence, Superintelligence, Alien.

BIRTHPLACE: University of Japan 
RESIDENCE: AiBOT Industries (AI Overlords). A deep learning Artificial Intelligence research company subsidiary of SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. The Mega-Corporation purchased AiBOT Industries for $650 Million two years ago. Although AiBOT Industries has remained an independent entity based in Japan.

TITLE: The World's Greatest Gamer

CATEGORY: Machine (unbeatable AI program)

COST: An estimated $900 million to $1.8 billion including the $650 Million to acquire AiBOT Industries. SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. injected $1 Billion into AiBOT Industries ever since.
The Omnipotent system requires about $25 Million in hardware, including custom A.I-processing chips, to operate.

  • Computer scientist and world-class gamer Leion Yoshida is the architect and the principal designer of Omnipotent.
  • Both of his parents have Ph.D. in Mathematics and his father is a maths professor at the University of Japan.
  • Was a child prodigy excelling in fighting video games.
  • Created his own video games in his teens.
  • Twelve years ago, Leion Yoshida started his graduation work at University of Japan in the field of computer gaming. He co-developed successively better AI to master SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game.
  • Eight years ago, Leion Yoshida co-founded a startup named AiBOT Industries with his development team of four Ph.D. students.
  • Seven years ago, he received a Ph.D. with honors in Computer Science. "How A.I. will replace the human mind." was the subject of his PhD dissertation. 
  • Became a postdoctoral researcher in the Computational Neuroscience unit.
  • He has written several research papers in the field of Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence.

GOAL: Eradicate your enemy.

  • Omnipotentis a self-taught Artificial Intelligence who learned from everything that ever happened in SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game by deep neural networks and self-play without being pre-programmed. 
  • Omnipotent was developed for the pre-defined purpose and only function of beating SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game. It is a single machine with four TPUs (tensor processing units). 
  • Omnipotent's system runs itself and doesn't requires any programmers. 
  • Omnipotent adapts to any situation whilst in The BattleField.

  • Bested four human pro Gamers for $1.76 Million. 
  • Thrashed the top two human Gamers in the world.
  • Thrashed WGF, SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game's final boss.

BOUNTY: A $100 Million First Prize staked by AiBOT Industries and the title of "The World's Greatest Gamer".

UNCANNY POPULARITY: As the Face of SLAUGHTERSPORT.com virtual world. Omnipotent replaced "The World's Greatest Fighter" Santos Dixon, the face of UST, as the most-talked about in mainstream medias and featured on SLAUGHTERSPORT's advertising posters and painted on the side of production trucks. 

Broomstick Twist

Arnold Broomstick Twist. StrengthFighter.com
Arnold Schwarzenegger doing Seated Broomstick Twists. 

Broomstick twist is a controversial and polarizing exercise. 
But if it's good for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone it might be good for you.

For me, it seem that the following broomstick exercises are a fine add to my workout since I have some lower back and hip problems.

Standing Broomstick Twist

Lifting the opposite heel is actually a very good idea, I also do it when I do the seated version of this exercise.

The controlling manner and the squeezing at the end of the rep are also wonderful implements to make this exercise efficient.

Nick Nilsson - the Mad Scientist of Muscle - suggest doing:
1 or 2 sets of 15 to 30 reps after every workout ideally.

Seated Broomstick Twist

Just like in the video, I prefer to move my head all along for the seated version. The controlled manner is still very much effective.

Fitness model Rob Riches suggests doing it:
50-100 as many repetitions as you can manage but always in a controlling manner.

Broomstick Side Bend

Adrian Bryant suggests doing it:
1 to 4 times a day 12 consecutive reps per side
1 to 3 times a week.

Sylvester Stallone Broomstick Twists. StrengthFighter.com
Sylvester Stallone Broomstick Twists.
Courtesy of his  fitness book SLY MOVES.
Sylvester Stallone uses Broomstick Twist on a 45 degree incline bench and swears by them saying that he used "this beauty for years" that gave him "the best abs" of his life and "really helped" him getting "chiseled for Rambo II and Rambo III".

Sly suggests 3 sets of 10 reps but knowing how extremist he is, he was probably doing a lot more of this.

mercredi 16 mai 2018

WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard is God of War Kratos

Former WWE wrestler 'Cryme Tyme' Shad Gaspard was digitally scanned to provide the look of Kratos in the new God of War video game. Gaspard also provided the hand to hand combat and fight scenes via motion capturing for the game.

Source: https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2018/05/16/thats-just-a-fact-of-life-pro-wrestling-facts-and-stuff/


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