vendredi 19 février 2021

CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo is used as a product


The very talented Spanish artist Gunsmithcat (aka Luis Quiles) denonced with his artwork above "How professional athletes are used as products."

What a joke!? "Poor" CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo fully embrassed, like we would all do, being an influencer as his second profession.

Thanks to his social medias dominance, he is the first soccer player to earn $1 Billion.

Over 509.19 million social media followers as of today (February 19th, 2021 17h54 eastern time)

When you will read this he will most likely more than the above number. 

In 2020, CR7 earned $117 Million before taxes and fees (Salary: $70 million | Endorsements: $47 million)

Since he forget to include my brands on CR7's 6'1", 185-pound frame. I will include some below.

samedi 9 janvier 2021

dimanche 29 novembre 2020

Sex maniac Ronald McDonald is wrestling in Japan

The worse has yet to come...

The gay, sex fiend molester Ronald McDonald prefers being a pro wrestler than a fast food chain mascot.

samedi 28 novembre 2020

PYGOD Man, the mascot of clothing company


PYGOD Man, the mascot of clothing company, is a superhero / pro wrestler fighting for his customers.

RKO: Randy Orton hanging out with blonde ladies


Randy Orton during his rock n' roll years hanging out with hot blonde ladies.

From "Stunning" Steve Austin to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin


Yes, Steve Austin had hair and used to be a stereotypical blond pro wrestler when he was wrestling in WcW as "Stunning" Steve Austin where he was the heel TV Champion. Even back then, he was a very good wrestler with good look and charisma.

He reinvented himself as himself, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the rest is history.

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