samedi 2 mars 2019

WWF jobber Balls Mahoney

Before being a regular WWE/ECW jobber, moonsault crashing through a table before getting pinned 1-2-3 each week, circa 2006-2008. Balls Mahoney was a bland, young-looking WWF TV jobber under his given name John Richner circa 1992-1995. He was between 20 to 23 years old at the time.

mercredi 20 février 2019

Hollywood tough guys fantasy matchups

Hollywood Tough Guy Clashes Explained
One dream matchup was Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, two of the biggest action movie heroes of the day. To Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa, here's a look at some hollywood tough-guy matchups.

Vince McMahon dancing and singing

Vince McMahon dancing and singing.
Vince McMahon dancing and singing 'Stand Back' at the second 37th Annual WWF Slammy Awards in 1987.
 The song was a shot at all the territorial promoters in pro wrestling.

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