Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST) Invasion T-shirt

Who is The World’s Greatest Fighter™? This question is answered by the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ aka as the UST™. For more information please visit SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM. SLAUGHTERSPORT™ has a clothing line … Read More

Ăśbermensch UST-3 Combatant with Metal Hands

“Dope testing? A level playing field? Lol! Maybe we should embrace human enhancement instead of refraining it.” — PYGOD Ăśbermensch Choose “voluntary” amputation of both hands in favor of bionic hands. … Read More

Sebastian Alexander

“Mega Man” Sebastian Alexander BIRTHPLACE:Cape Town, South Africa RESIDENCE:SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School, Southern California, USA HEIGHT: 6’6″ WEIGHT: 270 lbs  EXPERIENCE: 5 years of full-time training AGE: 23 STYLE: SLAUGHTERSPORT  UST Went undefeated 85-0 against commoners in his five … Read More

“Le QuĂ©bĂ©cois” Jean-Jacques Nadeau-BĂ©langer

ALIAS: Le # 1 Jean-Jacques Nadeau-BĂ©langer, “Le QuĂ©bĂ©cois” Jean-Jacques Nadeau-BĂ©langer LIEU DE NAISSANCE:Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, MontrĂ©al, QuĂ©bec RÉSIDENCE:La Province de QuĂ©bec  GRANDEUR: 6’4″ POIDS: 228 lbs   Ă‚GE: 24 OCCUPATION: Bagarreur au Hockey / portier / boxeur … Read More