The Barbarian Brothers

The Barbarian Brothers
David Paul and Peter Paul
Bodybuilders # actors # musicians
The Barbarians are a team, two 25-year-old giants named Peter and David Paul—how sweetly, how innocently, those names fall upon the ear—recently of Hartford, Conn. and Narragansett, R.I. They stand 6 feet and 6’1″, respectively, weigh 235 and 245, and have 20½-inch necks and 59-inch chests        (Sports Illustrated 1982)

They only weighted 145 pounds when they started training at age 14.

The Barbarian Brothers weren’t IFBB bodybuilders, WWF pro wrestlers nor NFL football players.  They never competed in strongman, powerlifting, or Olympic lifting.  No, David and Peter Paul were just two extremely hard trainers gym rats with tremendous strength and physiques and a unique sense of fashion.  Those two freaks happened to be identical twin brothers.  They were and will forever be Gold’s Gym legends.
They used to ate 7,000 calories a day each.

Their training sessions were all about screaming, puking, and farting while lifting ultra-heavy weight with ultra-bad form.

Barbarian Brothers 500 pounds reverse grip bench press for reps
 “There is no such thing as over training, just under nutrition and under sleeping”                                                                                   – The Barbarian Brothers

“The Barbarian Brothers” David & Peter Paul in Mr. T “D.C. Cab” (1983)


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