The Perfect Fighting Sport Federation

Forget boxing.  It’s nothing but fancy rules, round sets, weigth categories and other laughable crap! 

Forget UFC.  It become a sissies sport when some corrupt faggot politicians decided it was too violent and extreme and it must be banned. 

Forget pro wrestling.  Pro wrestling is dead since the ECW bankrupted!

Forget hockey brawls.  Since some piece of shit faggot sport reporters and the general 9-to-5 assholes lobbying to get them banned.  It will not be too long that hockey will become a wimpy sport like any other so-called sport!

These are my philosophy of combat sports resumed in a few crude words.  My reflection of the actual state of our four main combat sports.

As you may doubt, I’m a combat sports aficionado since my childhood.  And I’m also a drawing artist (far less today) since my early childhood.  One of my life passion was/is to create my own combat sports with my own combatants.  Since the reality is far from being perfect I’ve created my own reality.  My sport reality is the BKB SLAUGHTERSPORT.  BKB being a Bare Knuckle Brawl cage boxing federation.  And SLAUGHTERSPORT being a full fighting combat sport with no rules, no weight classes, and no shit!!

SLAUGHTERSPORT is the purity of combat sport.  No fuckin’ rules, no holds-barred, no weight classes, no cage, no ring, no referee, no time-limits…  Just a hard surface and two men (or women) willing to fight till one of them is KO’d, submit or die.  The referee is just there to declare the end of the fight.

What is the perfect fighting federation/division?  My four points.

* The best 4 combatants in the world (quality over quantity)
An healthy fighting division needs at least 10 fighters.
* No rules, no-holds-barred, no time-limit, no rounds, no weight classes full fighting combat contested on a hard floor, no ring, no cage.  Victory by KO, Submission or Death.  (the purest form of combat sport)
* A year-long round-robin tournament (complete fairness)
* Only ONE champion

The combatants:  I’ve limited myself to four combatants.  More than this would be a dilution in quality over quantity. 

On my four combatants I needed a superhero type of fighter, a star, an icon, some kind of perfect fighter.

I needed a woman combatant, it was primordial.  A woman’s woman enough to held her own against men and kick their asses.

I needed a pure martial artist, a kickboxer.  A Muay Thai practionner was the obvious choice.  Muay Thai being such a destructive martial art, often billed as the ultimate martial art.  So my Muay Thai expert got to be 100% pure Muay Thai, nothing else.

And last but not least, I needed a monster heel as the main antagonist of the babyface superstar.  BUT any healthy fighting federation need a jobber, need bottom of the barrel competitors.  Not an hapless jobber who can’t kick his way out of a paperbag but a solid one, a fearsome man who can score an upset at any moment.  The jobber project was once again cancelled.  The Big Thing, a gigantic muscle monster, was once again my final choice.

The fighting styles represented above are MMA, pro wrestling, Muay Thai, and street fighting.  Two complete fighters and two stand-up fighters.

Here are the four combatant of the Universe SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour.
The jobber who didn’t make it.

World’s Greatest Fighter, Torrance, California, USA, 6’5″, 235, 7, 22   MMA  Brazilian/African American

Andromache the Great, Tokyo, Japan, 6’9″, 272, 6, 29  Pro Wrestling  Caucasian/Canadian

Simson, Bangkok, Thailand, 6’4″, 265, 8, 21  Muay Thai  Asian

The Big Thing, parts unknown, 7′, 410, ?, 32  Street Fighting  Caucasian/European

Above are my 4 combatants for my dream full fighting federation, Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour.

And as a sport, the SLAUGHTERSPORT isn’t a federation anymore.  It’s now a tour, which mean the SLAUGHTERSPORT ranking and champion/king or queen is decided by a fair and square year-long tournament.  In this tournament each of the four combatants will face each other (except for cause of injuries or dead).  In other words; A round-robin tournament (or all-play-all tournament) is a competition “in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn”.

And, logically, just ONE Grand Champion/World Champion/King or Queen.  Not two world champion in the same federation (WWE), no interim champion (UFC), no multitude of alphabetic world champion.  And most of all, no cheap second class championships (weight division, intercontinental titles…).  No B.S. just ONE Grand Champion.  They can only be one.  That’s it that’s all. 

Some news paper articles of my early age drawing skills and the imaginary combat sports world that I’ve created.

Years of drawing fighters and conceiving living scenarios.

Now, writting is my main form of artistic expression.

What a fuckin’ GREAT video game it would be!!

And proud to be a One Man Enterprise.

BKB SLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, operated, and owned by PYGOD Inc. 
No graphics, text, icons, names, logos, or photos from this site may be used without permission.
Copyright 2008 – 2011. PYGOD Inc. All rights reserved.

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