The real-life Chad Thundercock

The real-life Chad Thundercock is  John Cena as The Prototype.
The real-life Chad Thundercock is
John Cena as The Prototype

Chad Thundercock AKA ‘The Prototype’ John Cena 

BIRTHNAME: John Cena (yes it is his real name and its scream Alpha Male)
BIRTHPLACE: West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
BILLED WEIGHT: 260 lbs (pro wrestling has the habit to boost its performers height and weight)
REAL WEIGHT: 245 lbs
AGE: 23 (about Chad’s age as a college jock)
BODY FAT: 8-9%


  • 10 years of bodybuilding (lifting weights) training. 
  • NCAA All American college football center, only in Division III however.
  • Competed in bodybuilding after college.
  • 1 year of Pro Wrestling experience and well on his way to superstardom.

“The Prototype” John Cena had the physique to excel in any sport he chooses and the look and confidence to fuck any woman he wants. A true Alpha Male!

Just like Chad Thundercock himself.

Chad Thundercock.

What’s in the future for Chad Thundercock AKA “The Prototype” John Cena?

  • John Cena wents on to become one of the greatest and most lucrative pro wrestlers of all time
  • John Cena became a MultiMillionaire with an estimated net worth of $60-75 Million.
  • John Cena dated and/or fucked countless very hot women.
  • John Cena is also a Saint granting over 600 wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses through the Make-A-Wish Foundation; which is a World Record for the most Make-A-Wish in history.
  • John Cena is now making his way to become a movie star just like fellow pro wrestler The Rock.
  • I’ve almost forgot, John Cena is a platinum selling rapper.

John Cena Net Worth $75 Million.

Everybody want to be like Chad Thundercock!

Because it’s good to be Chad Thundercock!

How to Be Like Chad Thundercock.

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