Why Barbell Squats Can Make You Harder to Beat in a Fight

by Brian Beast at Home Gym Strength

Why Barbell Squats Can Make You Harder to Beat in a Fight

When you think of a typical fighter, you probably picture big biceps and ripped shoulders. But while these “show-off muscles” may be impressive, it’s important to recognize that these fighters have some pretty impressive lower body strength, too. Lower body strength is an important element that can make it harder to beat you in a fight. 

Doing exercises like barbell squats can help you build that strong base. Barbell squats build muscle in your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. When these muscles are strengthened, they not only give you more power in your punches, but they also make it harder for the other person to knock you down.

Why squats give you more power

Squats contribute to your power through something called ground leverage. Ground leverage refers to the amount of force you can exert towards the ground to help propel your punch.

When you throw a punch, it’s a full body movement that starts from the ground up. Your strength is built up in your lower body first, then that energy gets transferred through your hips and core until it reaches your fist. This transfer of energy through your body is what helps you get more power behind your punches.

Barbell squatting helps work the muscles you need to start the chain reaction. When your quads and glutes are stronger, they create the power you need to throw a stronger punch. As long as you keep proper punching form and use your whole body as leverage, you will definitely be able to hit harder. 

Why squats make it harder for someone to knock you down 

In addition to adding more oomph behind your hits, squats also help create a more stable base. Boxing is all about footwork and positioning, so what’s happening below the belt can often be more important than what’s happening above. 

Strengthening your legs muscles through squats allows you to have more power to brace yourself. If you get hit, your leg muscles are able to absorb some of the force and keep you upright instead of falling over. Squats also help you keep your balance by strengthening your core, which is an important factor in stability.

While squats may not be for everyone, they are definitely important for boxers. So much of your technique starts with your lower body, especially your footwork. Once you’ve mastered the correct body posture and mechanics, muscle-building exercises like squats are essential to help increase power.

Barbell squats in particular are helpful because they typically involve high weight with low reps. This means you’re placing heavy weights on your body, but you’re only squatting a few times. This technique helps build more strength and muscle mass than low weight and high reps.

Overall, there are a lot of different factors that can make it harder for someone to beat you in a fight. While it’s tempting to only focus on your arms and shoulders, it’s important to remember that most of the power in your punches actually comes from your legs. Next time you’re in the gym, don’t walk by that squat rack without busting out a few barbell squats. 

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