What the Strength Fighter is all about?  STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM is a daily blog about strength sports and combat sports and all the training that surround both.
What is the mission of the STRENGTH FIGHTER?
My mission here is to give you, my readers and followers, the articles that I always wanted to read.
What is the philosophy of STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM?
The Strength Fighter philosophy is my philosophy about the strength sports and combat sports. 
MMA: Which means that the MMA was at it’s best in the beginning of the UFC.  When it was a one-night, eight-man tournament, no-holds-barred, bare knuckles, no weight classes, no rounds, no stand-up rules, no judges decision, no time-limit, gi or short, dream come true competition with fighters of all size, color, fighting style..  It was Perfect!  It was what real fighting should be.  Since Roman Pankration, it was the purest form of hand-to-hand combat sport that you can get. Til a faggot piece of shit senator juged it was too brutal and must be banned.  So the UFC has unfortunately no other choice than to downgrade his already excellent product.  Instituting rules like 5-minute rounds, stand-up rules, silly weight classes, strict drug testing, judges decisions, mandatory 4-ounce gloves, stupid heavyweight 265-pound limit, and full of other shit like that…  It goes without saying that I don’t give a fuck about UFC anymore.  But at least we can still have some fun watching Japanese Pride and K-1 kickboxing.
Boxing:  No more 15 rounds fights, an endless number of “world” champions, an endless number of stupid weight categories (the worst abheration in any combat sport), pillow-sized boxing gloves to not hurt anyone, referees always stopping fights too soon, all those TKO shit (a boxing fight shouldn’t be stopped when the boxer is still on his feet), 3 knock-downs rules, fighters fighting just 3 times a year, and much more shit that I can remember…  Oh, I almost forgot!  The fuckin’ stupid standing 8-count, so a fight can be stopped without actually anyone being KO???????  In the good old time gloves were used strictly to protect the hands of the combatants and to deliver maximum punishments in the ring.  In the time of Rocky Marciano, Jack Dempsey, and Joe Louis, the pugilists were real gladiators willing to die on the battlefield.  You won’t see that kind of dedication anymore in the modern-era of the sport.
Pro Wrestling:  Yes, yes, yes, I know it’s scripted and somewhat fake.  Like it or not it is one of the pillar of the holy trinity of fighting sports (pro wrestling, boxing, mma).  But even a scripted sport like pro wrestling isn’t saved from the politically-correct mediatic storm of faggotisation of all combat and contact sports everywhere in North America.  (Just hoping that other place of the world are safe from this shit!)  The PG era: no blood, no tits, no beer, no finger flipping, no crude language, no fun, and stupid drug-testing???  I really miss the wrestling of the 80s when they were three major world-class wrestling federations (WWF, NWA, AWA), I miss the ECW, I miss the Monday Night War, I miss the Attitude era.  I miss when wrestlers used to look like pro wrestlers.  Back then, a 180-pound high-flying jobber wouldn’t be a pseudo world champion?!?  Screw the fuckin’ senate with their fuckin’ steroids test!!  I want my wrestlers to be huge, mean, muscular, hulking, and larger-than-life.
Hockey Brawls:  I included hockey fighting as the fourth major combat sports.  Who care about kickboxing?  Hockey fighting was the shit in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s.  But now, many stupid fuckin’ assholes scumbag sport “journalists” and general media news shit factory are crying everywhere about the “devastating” effects of head blows and concussions.  They said that the sport is too violent, that fighting and cross-checking must be banned forever.  Fuck those piece of shit!!  A concussion in the 70s is still a concussion in 2010?!?  Not worse not better!  But now athletes are pampered millionaires playing for money only.  In our era, a bitch slap is an instant concussion.  Silly shit!
Powerlifting:  Robocop squat suit, deadlift suit, sleep-walker bench shirt, mile-long cast-like knee wraps, thick wrist wraps…  It’s not lifting the heaviest weight anymore!!  It’s who can most effectively use the best gear and equipment available to lift weight he couldn’t lift just by himself!?!  Bullshit!   Powerlifting should be RAW, nothing else.  The rest is fake and legal cheating. 
Olympic Lifting: The only real strength sport left.  No rigid suit, thick belt or any kind of supportive gear allowed.  Just pure strength, technique and bravado.  You against the bar, nothing else, nothing fake.
Strongman Contests:  Too much stamina and cardio vascular training involve and not enough pure brute strength.  We want to know who is the World’s Strongest Man, not who is the best strength athlete.  The purest strength contest I’ve seen to date is the 2002 inaugural Arnold Classic strongman competition.  Deadlift, Clean-and-Jerk, and Farmer’s Walk.  Real pure strength is about three things:  How much you lift to waist?  How much you lift overhead?  And how much you can walk with?  The Apollon Wheels, Deadlift, and Timber Walk were all performed with super human mind-boggling weight.  So no place for cardio vascular conditioning and agility.
Bodybuilding:  The bastard son of the Iron Game.  Bof?..  Nothing to say about it, since I don’t really care!  Except that now, thankx to drugs, growth hormones, and insuline, bodybuilders are huger than ever.
What about the STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM cover/logo?
I’m somewhat proud of the Strength Fighter cover / logo.  With the cover photo / logo I wanted to represent the 4 major combat sports and the 4 major strength sports since this is what this blog is all about.  What’s best way to represent a sport than by putting the face of his greatest champion of all time?  I don’t know any other.  And at the same time, it was a good way to pay tribute to each grand champion of the 8 sports this blog represent.