Jon Jones is a Kung Fu Fighter

If you think Kung Fu is dead. 

Think again.

Kung Fu fighting is alive and kicking (pun intended) right here, right now in the UFC.

Jon Jones is a Kung Fu Fighter.

Furthermore, Jon Jones should be considered its most efficient practionner.

Need proofs?

Here are some of Jon Jones’ most effective and favorite maneuvers. All originating from Chinese Martial Arts umbrella aka kung fu.

  • His trademark eye pokes/finger jabs. 👀
  • His fearsome knee stomp kicks (directly from Wing Chun Kung Fu and also used by Anderson Silva)
  • Trapping elbows.
  • Shoulder strikes (also used successfully by Connor McGregor)
  • Shoulder and elbow breaking clinch techniques (also used by “Iron” Mike Tyson himself but borrowed from Feeding Crane Fist Kung Fu).
  • Crawling around the floor (from Animal Kung Fu).

Jon Jones Kung Fu master vs Belfort UFC.

Proofs that Kung Fu can be extremely effective when you drop all the flowery bullshit surrounding it.

Unlike what you think, Kung Fu wasn’t created to look cool in martial arts movies

And Kung Fu wasn’t created to be a sport with points, rules, figures, and all that bullshit.

Kung Fu was originally a self-defense Art. 

And a damn effective one…

Jon Jones is the  Greatest Kung Fu Fighter of All Time.

Jon Jones is a former two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, holding the title from March 2011 to April 2015 and from December 2018 to August 2020. 

Jon Jones also held the interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in 2016. 

Jon Jones is #1 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Became the youngest UFC Champion in history at age 23.

Has an MMA record of 26 – 1 (1 no-contest). 
His only loss is a disqualification. Not for eye pokes but for 12-6 elbow, another of his kung fu technique. 
His no-contest is in fact a win against Daniel Cormier who was overturned after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Oups!

Only 33 years old, 13 years pro, 6’4″ with a wingspan of 84.5″. 
He is maybe the future UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Now, knowing all these facts, can we add one more accolade to his impressive resume?

Jon Jones is the Greatest Kung Fu Fighter of All Time

You can bet your ass he is.

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