The REAL World’s Strongest Man Competition

The REAL World’s Strongest Man Competition In my everlasting quest for purity and excellence, I’ve created The Perfect Combat Sport, otherwise said “everything Combat Sports ought to be.” But what … Read More

Game Of Thrones The Mountain vs Armwrestling World Champion

Game Of Thrones Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane aka the very-real 6’9″, 419-pound; 2nd World’s Strongest Man 2016 Hafthor Bjornsson  ARMWRESTLES  6’5″, 245-pound Devon Larratt, the current holder of the title … Read More

World Record Tire Deadlift 1128 pounds- Arnold Strongman Classic

The title of this video ‘World Record Deadlift 1128 pounds- World’s Strongest Man’ is a little bit misleading. In fact it’s the World Record Tire Deadlift (with straps) at Arnold … Read More

Worlds Strongest Man Arm Wrestling

Worlds Strongest Man Arm Wrestling Magnus Samuelsson vs Nathan Jones A young 6’5″, 266 pounds Magnus Samuelson break the arm of 6’10”, 355 pounds “Megaman” Nathan Jones in an arm … Read More

World’s Strongest Man Montage

WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN MONTAGE The image is shitty but the footage and music choice are excellent! World’s Strongest Man Montage, Part 1 (8:52) Synthesized footage from World’s Strongest Man competitions … Read More

1977 World’s Strongest Man Contest full footage

1977 World’s Strongest Man Contest The very first World ‘s Strongest Man competition originally and appropriately named “The World’s Strongest Men“.  As you can see below the field, the quality, … Read More

PYGOD Homme Fort / strongman bio

CHEATING NATURE WITHOUT STEROIDS   PYGODformely known as Pierre-Yves Gaudreault Birthplace: Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada Residence: Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada Height: 6’1″            (185 cm) Weight: 320 lbs      (145 kg) Years of  Strength … Read More