Cheating Nature Without Steroids by PYGOD


Cheating Nature Without Steroids: Basic Training & Heavy Eating. By PYGOD
This book is the only way to do so! I am the mad scientist who tests his own theory on himself! This results in the most extreme natural metamorphose ever seen in the history of humanity. I have gained 126 pounds of muscle in 5 years without any steroids and supplements.

So I know what I’m talking about. I’m an expert on the subject! Believe me, it’s worked for me, so it will work for you!

Do you want bigger arms? Do you want a bigger chest? Do you want to be big and strong? This book was written for you!

Whether you’re an aspiring strongman and/or a pencil-neck geek tired of being bullied in the schoolyard! This is the book! This is your book! This book’s for you!

If you get the incredible chance to be a big-boned naturally strong individual, there are no limits! Just look at me, I came from a skinny geek to a bulky strongman. Now just imagine what Cheating Nature Without Steroids can do for you!

Let’s be realistic; the Iron Game, the strength field, is infested by drugs and supplements. Now, a kid wanting to get big and strong does not ask what exercises to do. Hell, no! He asks about what stuff to take. Today, it’s all about shortcuts! But with or without shortcuts, if you don’t do the right exercises, you won’t get anywhere!

Unfortunately, in the strength-training world, steroids and growth hormones are common. If you’re not doing them, you’re the exception! I’ve always been a rebel and an outsider, so I’m proud to be the exception and proud to be like no one else. And you too, you’re not obligated to do steroids to become humongously big and strong. Follow my path: it’s a lot safer, less expensive, and the results are the same. You will be proud of yourself to do things the hard way, like the old-time strongmen. Sweat and tears instead of steroids and supplements!

It works! I am the living proof!

About the Author

When you think about doing the most with the least, the author of this book is the best example ever. From a 24 year-old, small-boned man with a very fast metabolism, he became the first 300-pound drug-free giant in history. PYGOD truly believes than anybody can duplicate and even best his success in weightlifting and strength training in less time than he did. All you need is the three ingredients for success: this book, hard work, and dedication. Success is up to you!
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