World Record Tire Deadlift 1128 pounds- Arnold Strongman Classic

The title of this video ‘World Record Deadlift 1128 pounds- World’s Strongest Man’ is a little bit misleading. In fact it’s the World Record Tire Deadlift (with straps) at Arnold Strongman Classic. Nonetheless really impressive. This Mark Felix is truly impressive. He got one of the strongest pairs of hands on earth and he is for sure one of the best deadlifters on the planet.

Mark Felix shatters last year’s world record deadlift at the 2013 Arnold Strongman. This incredible deadlift is 1128 pounds the heaviest deadlift in human history. Mark previously ripped off his shirt in celebration at shattering the deadlift record by lifting 1122 pounds. He knew he had more in him and he destroyed the record he set just minutes earlier.  You can see strongman /pro wrestler Mark Henry at the end of the video.

Mark Felix is 6’4″, 294 pounds, 47 years old and after years of bodybuilding he started his strongman career at age 37.  Mark is known for his gigantic hands, his hand reach (from little finger tip to thumb tip) is 11 inches!!  Mine are 8″.

Official Powerlifting Competition Raw Deadlift World Record


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