Strongbow Superman

When searching the net for new post material I’ve found this on a forum.

The Strongbow Superman (England 89)

The contestants were:

IPF champ O.D. Wilson
WPC champ Gerrit Badenhorst
Olympic weightlifting champ Aleksandr Kurlovich
Olympic shot put champ Ulf Timmerman
World arm wrestling champ Sotoris Batsinilas
World MusclePower champ Jon Pall Sigmarsson
Former World’s Strongest Man Jamie Reeves
Former World’s Strongest Man Geoff Capes
Former World’s Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier
World’s Strongest Man competitor and former Arm Wrestling champ Cleve Dean
Future World’s Strongest Man and one of the organisers Gary Taylor

The Events:

SNATCH – Aleksandr Kurlovich (400) note- Gary Taylor dislocated shoulder on 440 attempt

CLEAN & JERK – Aleksandr Kurlovich (500) note- O.D. Wilson did an even higher snatch than his c&j with technique terrible

SQUAT – O.D. Wilson (935) note- O.D. stopped at the bottom and shouted “i am the strongest…i am the nightmare”

BENCH PRESS – Jamie Reeves (600) note- Kaz would have won this but he was suffering from his torn pec from the wsm 81

DEADLIFT – Gerrit Badenhorst (900) note- O.D. would of won this but straps were allowed and bar was bending in the middle which put him off

SHOT PUT – Geoff Capes (68 feet-beat Ulf Timmerman)

ARM WRESTLING – Cleve Dean (beat Sotoris Batsinilas in final)

OVERALL WINNER – overall winner- Gerrit Badenhorst

Almost too good to be true!

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