NICKNAME: SLAUGHTERSPORT Master; Human Wrecking Machine
BIRTH NAME: Viktor Krastev
BIRTHPLACE:Sofia, Bulgaria,Soviet Bloc
HOMETOWN:Sofia, Bulgaria,Soviet Bloc
BILLED FROM: parts unknown
Lived in Rochester, New York, USA during his stint in the BKB and hated to be isolated and away from his family. Lives on his three-generation family farm since his birth with his mother, siblings, wife and children.
AGE:  33
STYLE: Size & Strength (formerly billed inappropriately as Street Fighting or Pro Wrestling)

HEIGHT:  7’0″
WEIGHT:  410 (with abs); 419 lbs for UST-3

NECK: 22″  25″
REACH: 85.5″
CHEST: 64″
BICEPS:  26.8″

FOREARMS: 22″ (56 cm)
WRISTS: 10.75″
FISTS: 15″
HAND REACH: 11″ from thumb tip to pinky tip
HAND LENGTH: 10″ from wrist to middle finger tip 
PALM: 5.25″ wide at top palm
WAIST: 44″
ANKLES: 15.5″

Custom-made jockstraps 

ETHNICITY: Caucasian (white)
CATEGORY: Chemically & Artificially Assisted

OFFICIAL RECORDS (done on TV shows and/or on published videos)

  • BENCH PRESS: 705 lbs – raw (do it regularly)
  • OFF-THE-RACK OVERHEAD PRESS: 510 lbs (live at UST 4 Presentation)
  • SHRUGS: 1350 lbs for reps with straps (pictured in a COMBAT Magazine and routinely done in training)
  • BARBELL CURL: 440 lbs / 200 kg – a world record cheat curl (UST 3) live on the most popular American morning TV show.
  • CAR FLIP: Turning over 10 cars in just over 3 minutes. (UST-3)
  • CAN CRUSHING: He can easily crush and blow the top off a full soda can by squeezing the can with his bare hands. (UST-3)
  • CHIN-UPS: reps with 100 lbs strapped and hanging from his waist. (filmed on video before UST-3)
  • DEADLIFT: 925 lbs (Real World’s Strongest Man); the same year of UST-3. 836 lbs x 2
  • BENCH PRESS: 500 lbs x 8 reps, raw (usual training lift)
  • UPRIGHT ROWS: 315 lbs for reps (usual training lift)
  • STANDING ALTERNATE DUMBBELL CURL: 120 lbs x 10 reps; then 130lbs; then 150 lbs in each hand for reps (usual training lift)
  • STANDING OVERHEAD DUMBBELL PRESS: A pair of 121 lbs x 17 reps in a Strongman contest in England at age 26.
  • CLEAN AND PRESS: 350 lbs x 8 reps in 75 seconds.


  • LAT PULLDOWNS: 610 lbs (with his body strapped down to the bench)
  • DEADLIFT: 990 lbs with wrist straps (UST-3)
  • SQUAT: 794 lbs; 750 lbs for triples, with knee wraps and belt; 660 lbs x 10 reps, raw without knee wraps
  • LOG PRESS: 440 lbs
  • BENCH PRESS (RAW): 500 lbs x 8 reps; 633 lbs x 3
  • UPRIGHT ROWS: 315 lbs for reps
  • DUMBBELL CURLS: 150 lbs in each hand for reps
  • BARBELL CURL: 220 lbs x 15 reps; 3 sets x 308 lbs x 3-8 reps.   Was already cheat curling 315 lbs at the age of 20 winning a contest.

+ Finished 6th at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 25.
+ Finished 9th at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 26.
+ Finished 3rd at the Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 30.
+ Real World’s Strongest Man competition at the age of 34.

+ THE Alpha Male / Strength Fighter Of The Year (George Hackenschmidt
Memorial Cup) Strength, Physique & Fighting competition. At age 33. 
Finished ex-aequo at 3rd in the STRENGTH competition

  • Deadlift 837 lbs (3rd place)
  • Clean and Jerk 374 lbs (4th and last place)
  • Farmer’s Walk   (3rd place)

— Winner of the PHYSIQUE competition

— Second in the FIGHTING 4-man, one-night, round-robin tournament with a record of 1-1. 

  • Defeated “The Real World’s Strongest Man” Louis Hudon by KO in 1:33. The 5’8″, 365 pound super strongman was the only man, in recent
    memory,  able to put the unfazable giant off his feet. WSM spears The
    Big Thing directly in the solar plexus, sending the giant on his back on
    the floor.
  • Was defeated by jiu-jitsu expert and Olympic lifter “The Leech” in 4:51 when he Quit from exhaustion.  
  • His scheduled last opponent, “Mega Man” was declared unfit to compete since he was knocked out in his previous match. It is rumored that The Big Thing would have been too exhausted to fight anyway.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 record: 2-1
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 record: 3-5


Was born as a 6.8 kg (15 lb) baby.

His grandfather was a giant and a farmer for 40 plus years.
His father, also a farmer, was 6 feet 9 inches and 550 pounds and super strong. His father died of an heart attack at 55 years old while working on the farm.

His mother is 5’11”.
Had uncles of exceptional stature too. 
His younger brother is also a full-time farmer and a world class strongman competitor.
Began weight lifting at 8 years old because his father made him train.
He started working the farm at age 9, when he was already the size of an adult.
He was naturally over 350 pounds before he started using steroids at 23 years old.

DAILY DIET: 15,000-20,000 calories eaten on 7 meals.  Including: 

  • 6 to 9 pounds of red meat
  • 1-3 dozen whole raw eggs 
  • 3 gallons of raw milk daily. 


  • 100 mg of Anadrol daily 
  • 50 pastilles (10mg) of Dianabol daily 
  • 4000 mg of Deca Durabolin a week 
  • Trenbolone /18 I.U. of HGH daily 
  • 5000 mg of testosterone weekly

Nine months of boxing training with Lou Reid — the world champ’s trainer and Hall of Fame trainer — before entering BKB around the age of 32. 
Haven’t trained ever since in fighting. Instead he continued to train like a powerlifter, lifting weights 3 hours a day. He exclusively does strength training, chores and farm work, and punching bag. 
In preparation for UST 2, The Big Thing was scheduled to be train by the JMC brothers (MMA fighters) but he never showed up for one session.
His limited yet effective repertoire doesn’t require anything except size and strength. Which he has in abondance. Stamina is his only weakness. 

OCCUPATION: Combatant / full-time beef and dairy farmer / actor

MANAGER: Former BKB executive Vinny Macaro  PYGOD


ARSENAL (5 MOVES): Punching, kicking, clotheslines, choke-slams, power bombs.  All his moves are finishing moves.
Clubbing forearms, body slam, headlock, bearhug, gorilla press, sit down splash, overhead press to crush the enemy’s back on his knee. (Added at UST 4)

FIGHTING STRATEGY: Seek & Destroy.  Bullrushing, chasing and punching his opponent at the oppening bell for the early KO.  Always exciting to watch for the crowd.

Due to his lack of stamina, he got to beat all his opponents in less than five minutes. 

The Big Thing always goes for the early kill, bullrushing and punching his opponents.  For the first 20 seconds, he can dominate anyone in the world with his extremely aggressive blind chase-and-punch method. 

For the first 90 seconds of the bout, he expends so much energy trying to finishing off matches in the first moments of the match that if he fail, he barely have enough left for the long haul.  But he still is very dangerous in this period: an uppercut is a sure one-hit knockdown; three uppercuts = the fight is over;  two consecutive overhand punches will knock down anybody) until he punches himself exhausted, then he becomes a defenseless target until he quit from exhaustion after five minutes.  

Predictable: just stay out of his way for the first 90 seconds until he punches himself exhausted.

From 90 seconds to 5 minutes mark, he gets tired, his blows are more manageable and does less damage.  Against smaller opponents and runners, he is unable to close the distance. 

Past 5 minutes mark: He is completely exhausted. He will just lie down in need of oxygen. He will be too exhausted to fight another match in this event.

He only has 5 moves but he’ll destroy you pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

If he caught his opponent with a lariat, a big boot, a falcon punch, a choke-slam or a power bomb.  The match is over and his opponent is sent out on a stretcher.  

  • Unless his opponent has superhuman ability to absorb punishment. If he hits you with a left hook, you’re out. 
  • He’s nearly impossible to take down. 
  • Impossible to bodyslam.
  • His punches can kill (average people) almost instantly.

Billed at 7’0″, 405 lbs, The Big Thing is a huge, big muscular engine of destruction impervious to any offense, impossible to knock off his feet, the biggest body attacks has no effect on him and could shake off the most effective finishing maneuvers like it was nothing.  The Big Thing’s only weakness – eyes rakes.

As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, The Big Thing wears a chainmail vest, spiked wrist guards, a weightlifting belt, and a metal mask into the Round Cage which protect his head from just about any kind of offense.

The Big Thing never speak and let former BKB executive Vinnie Massaro do the talking.

The Big Thing is an incredibly marketable fighter due to his look, his enormous size, his wild brawling style and his worldwide notoriety.

STRENGTHS:  Tremendous size, strength and endurance… Limited but devastating offense… Heavy hands…  Impervious to any offense…  Impossible to bodyslam and knock off his feet…  Impossible to bodyslam… He cannot be hurt

WEAKNESSES: Slow…  Lack of stamina…  Predictable… Vulnerable eyes.

PRE-SLAUGHTERSPORT FAME: He was a World’s Strongest Man competitor, a World Champion pro wrestler, and a BKB champion. He became an actor while in the BKB. 

Thanks to his world’s record arm size and his humongous physique, he always stood out. Earlier in his strongman career, and now more than ever, his body measurements, his strength in several gym lifts, and his performances in strength sports competitions were chronicled in muscle magazines.


  • The Big Thing’s Kill Em’ All!!  In this SlaughterSport video game you must climb the championship ladder and face him as the final boss character. He was voted as the hardest videogame boss ever in any fighting game.  Was paid $1-million for the game.  
  • BKB The New Era.  Along with Sergio Bueno, Virgil Jones, and Cesar Arantes.  The Big Thing is one of the four boss characters of BKB (Bare Knuckle Brawl) game.

ACTING: Appeared in a couple of movies and some television cameos. He usually play the role of an underground fighter/pro wrestler or a bodyguard/enforcer.  

His biggest role to date was the starring role in an horror movies playing himself. 

Earlier this year, a huge box-office action movie was released starring The Big Thing once again playing himself, but this time as the main antagonist in a deadly fighting tournament.  

FAME: With “World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon, The Big Thing is the biggest star in SLAUGHTERSPORT.  Despite his limited skills, The Big Thing is an incredibly marketable fighter due to his look, his enormous size, his wild brawling style and his worldwide notoriety. He is arguably the top star in fighting sport history.

Still command fees of $25,000 for 90-minute personal appearances, he did ads for several products, appears on TV shows, and there is several action figures of him.

Extremely popular, arguably more popular than The World’s Greatest Fighter for some time.

PERSONAL LIFE: Unlike many fighters, The Big Thing is a loner by nature and isn’t into partying. When he was on the road, he wasn’t a party guy and stayed to himself preferring the gym and his hotel room to the bar scene.

He lives a quiet life on his Sofia, Bulgaria’s farm with his family.

AFTER SLAUGHTERSPORT:  He returned working on his family farm full-time.  Quit juicing, still eating like a horse, still doing strength training.  Without steroids, he is a little bit fatter but bigger than ever.  His weight climbs to 458 pounds, his arms grows to an ice cold 27.25 inches, his chest grows to 66 inches (170 cm) and is still able to bench press 705 pounds raw, unassisted and with strict form.  He is still doing some acting gigs and strength exhibitions from time to time.

HIS DEATH: Despite being drug-free for the last couple of years, decades of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) abuse, overeating and his massiveness took a severe toll on his health and he died of a heart attack at 46.

From Sofia, Bulgaria, raised on a farm and was a full-time farmer before he started his fighting career at 26 years old under his given name Viktor Krastev nicknamed “The Eastern Block Monster”.  Already 6’9″, 365 lbs with 26.25″ with a background in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongman. Krastev was mainly a World’s Strongest Man competitor dabbling in pro wrestling.  Ironicaly enough, the 27 years old Viktor Krastev got his first mainstream appearance when he was squashed in 1:23 by the man he will eventually replace as the BKB kingpin, Alfonso Alderson.  He then competed in the late QCUK as a mid-carder.

Re-invented himself as The Ultimate Power Machine aka UPM.  6’9″, now 382 lbs UPM became a champion Pro Wrestler and was The Big Thing in the old SLAUGHTERSPORT.  His ultra-power fighting style was efficient, entertaining, and effective.  He was extremely popular with the fans.  With the fall of SLAUGHTERSPORT, UPM took a break from the fighting sport to finally resurface in BKB.  But his lack of flexibility, athleticism, and stamina was a huge handicap in the BKB.  UPM was a much more effective full-contact fighter than he was a stand-up BKB brawler/boxer.  Despite very careful booking, BKB executive Vinnie Massaro failed to build him as an undefeated & invincible monster squasher as he was supposed to be.

A couple of month later, he resurfaced under a skull mask as The Big Thing.  This time, through careful matching and biaised referees, Massaro achieved his initial goal.  The Big Thing became one of the biggest star in BKB.  An over-paid, ultra-popular BKB star with a carefully manufactured BKB record of 37-0.  He was also known as BKB Master.


7 Wins (7 knockouts) 6 Losses (5 submissions -1 knockout)

WIN     1-0   Big Bully Brawler      KO (choke-slam)  0:33
WIN     2-0   Sergio Bueno           KO (power bomb) 1:03  Japan (01/25)
LOSS  2-1   WGF                         KO (exhaustion)   5:46   UST1
WIN     3-1   Simson                     KO (choke-slam)   0:39  UST 1
WIN     4-1   Andromache             KO (power bomb) 2:53   UST 1
LOSS   4-2  Norman di Sparta     Submission (exhaustion) 5:08  UST 2
LOSS  4-3   Mustafa Muhammad  Submission (exhaustion) 5:15  UST 2
WIN     5-3   Konga Ruopa           KO (choke-slam)   0:52   UST 2
LOSS   5-4  Master Shi Li            Submission (exhaustion) 4:40  UST 2
LOSS  5-5   Andromache the Great  Submission (exhaustion) 5:22  UST 2
WIN     6-6   Kamisama                KO (punch to the face)  3:47  UST 2
WIN     7-6   Simson                     KO (power bomb)  0:47  UST 2
LOSS  7-6   WGF                         Submission (exhaustion) 5:51  UST 2

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