NICKNAME: The Dislocater, The God Of The Eight Limbs, Mr. Asia, The Champion, The Best Striker in SLAUGHTERSPORT
HOMETOWN:Bangkok, Thailand
HEIGHT: 6’4″
YEARS PRO: 7 (officially)
AGE: 22

REACH: 81.5″
CHEST: 51″ (normal)
CHEST: 54″ (expanded)
WAIST: a trim 34″
NECK: 19″
BICEPS: 19″ (cold)
THIGHS: 30.5″
ANKLE: 11.5″
FISTS: 13″

CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

STYLE: Muay Thai
He is a god-like Muay Thai master who fought in professional Muay Thai in the super heavyweight division (209 lbs+ /95 kg.+) every week-end once a month, month-in, month-out, a full-out,
5 rounds match (3 minutes round with a two-minute rest period in
between) for several years.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Thai, very limited English

HOME FIELD: Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Aside from Muay Thai boxing, Simson also competes in illegal and underground, freestyle, bare-knuckle, full-contact martial arts fights in the Far East (Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Tapei) where – just like in SLAUGHTERSPORTfighters battle to the point of serious injury and/or death and huge sums of money are wagered. He has so far been unbeatable on the underground fighting leagues.
  • Simson is rumored that he was defeated by an American cruiserweight black boxer in an underground fight in Thailand. And as the rumor said, the American black boxer was killed by Mr. Lek’s henchmen and his body was never found.

TITLE: Undefeated Muay Thai World Champion (Thailand); The God Of The Eight Limbs
Undefeated Far East Underground Fighting Champion
TITLE REIGN: Became the world champion at the early age of 17 years old.
MUAY THAI RECORD: Over 170 wins (3 Deaths)
UNDERGROUND FIGHTING (UNOFFICIAL): 42-0 with 42 KOs  (4 Deaths + 3 Crippled) Simson is rumored to have killed over 30 to 50 men, mostly into the first round, in Mr. Lek’s Muay Thai underground fights in his native Thailand during the last two years while competing in UST 1 and UST 2. Which is against the UST rules to compete in any other fighting sport and/or promotion.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 record: 1-2 
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 record: 3-3

PROMOTER/MANAGER: Mr. Lek (wealthy crime boss who organizes Simson’s underground fights, always bet huge sums on him, and sometime used him as henchman) 
Publicly distanced himself from Mr. Lek for UST-2 & UST-3.
BODYGUARDS: Two full-time SLAUGHTERSPORT Security agents (bodyguards/stooges) dressed in suit imposed by PYGOD’s after UST-2.


  • Practice traditional Yoga since the age of 3.
  • Began training and competing in Muay Thai at 4.
  • Became national champion at 8. (Having already fought 23 times prior to his win.)
  • Turned pro at 15, the minimum age.
  • Became world champion at 17.
  • Undefeated as a pro with a record of 133-0 (including 3 killed opponents)
  • Undefeated in Underground Fighting with 42 KO, 0 loss. Killed 4 opponents and crippled 3.

REFERRED AS: Simson The God Of The Eight Limbs

OTHERS COMMENTS:  Borned and breded to be a fighter.  As his country’s national sport, Simson grew up watching Muay Thai and a career in the sport was inevitable for him. (In Thailand, there are not many choices. You either work in the rice farms or you fight).  Born into extreme poverty, as a child, Simson used to fought in rural Thailand to earn money to support his family.  Simson has been training and competing in Muay Thai since he was the age of 4.  As a 8 years old boy, he had already fight 23 times!!!  In a single bout, he earned more than what a farmer or factory worker earned in a month. Won a national Muay Thai championship at 8 and pulled his family out of poverty.  Later, as a Muay Thai champion, in one night, he was earning more than the amount of what a regular farmer was earning in a year.

He trains for more than 6 hours a day 6 days a week (doing sit-ups, push-ups, running…) 
He does 3 hours of Yoga and meditation a day.
His diet consists only of rice, raw fish, and water.
Often run twice a day or up to 15k per day.

Stretching for over 30 minutes before his matches.

He eat, drink and live the art of Muay Thai.  His only focus in life is fighting.  Fighting is the all he think about.  He is always on that quest to get stronger and master his fighting art.  Fight once a month for the last several years.

After long, extensive years of training, Simson won the title of Muay Thai World Champion as a teenager, and became a national hero.  Using his size and strength to maximum advantage in combat.

Simson encompasses a stereotypical “proud fighter” personality, since he is very powerful and strong-willed as well as hard-working and dedicated in body and spirit to martial arts life. Simson is a warrior; he is always in shape, he live a very healthy lifestyle, he is always spectacular and have dedicated his live to Muay Thai.  Simson is a religious person.  He lives in seclusion, meditates every day and does not consume alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine or meat.  Long days of training, a diet consisting only of rice, raw fish, water, and countless moments of meditation and reflection at Bangkok, all for this one singular goal – domination. 

A Simson typical match: He just toyed with his opponent for two rounds.  After that, he would knock him out.  He obviously loves to humiliate his opponents.  He have superior physical conditioning and an amazing sense of timing.  He seems to do everything effortlessly, he is fascinating and magical to watch.  Loves to “lumbers” the legs of his unfortunates foes and beat the crap out of them with a lot of kneeing to the ribs.  Simply overpowered opponents.

Simson’s striking accuracy, knockout power, technically vicious Muay Thai and ability to counterstrike makes him a danger to his opponents.  Simson’s striking uses three major strengths: technical precision, the jab, and transitions and movement.  Simson switches from southpaw to orthodox with little drop-off in effectiveness.

Only 21, but looks like he is 35.  He fight for a living since the age of 4.

SIMSON’S VISION OF MUAY THAI: Simson believe with good reason that Muay Thai Boxing is the ultimate martial art.  Because the purpose of Muay Thai Boxing is to destroy your opponents.  Karate men do not know how to defend against low kicks.  Kung Fu is too flowery and would be overwhelmed by Muay Thai Boxing.  Muay Thai boxers punch and kick with great speed and ferocity.  Their combinations are too fast for the vast majority of Karate and Kung Fu men to cope with.  These techniques are delivered with deadly accuracy to the vital areas of the body.  These combinations consist of explosive, shattering, devastating and powerful kicks, punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, etc.  Simson also feels that grapplers regardless of style would be knocked out trying to close the distance and if they did close the distance the result would be the same.  Enthusiastic about his sport, Buddhism and his country’s culture, Simson believes that Thai people are superior in the sport. He says that Thai people do Muay Thai for purity of form, cultural entertainment and Combat Sport.

Despite being a Buddhist and a yogi, he also is racist (specifically towards Caucasians), xenophobic
(towards the Japanese and Americans), and a misogynist
. W
orlds apart from the tolerant non-violent Buddhism philosophy.

Always refused to do any endorsement and TV show appearances.

FACTS: Muay Thai fighters practice their strikes on banana palms, which hardens their bones and makes their body parts numb.  A Muay Thai kickboxer is the most complete striker from all martial arts and combat sports.  Students are taught to endure extreme pain and exhaustion.  Those fighters can be put against any combat sportcompetitors and still survive. Groundwork is their only weakness.  Other than that, they have the whole formula for an ultimate fighter – speed, power, endurance, pain tolerance and discipline.

For Muay Thai, it’s basic and more than effective. Muay Thai fighters have valuable moves at their disposal such as the leg-level roundhouse kick (used with the bony shins instead of the insteps), knee strikes, clinching, and elbow strikes. Muay Thai fighters are very effective at close range with the clinch as they can deliver knee strikes to the solar plexus or the face. Elbow slashes are effective at cutting opponents above the eye which can result in a TKO victory. A well-placed spinning sweep kick can knock opponents off their feet.

Simson always fight and spar full contact, bare knuckle, no protective gear, no cup, no mouthguard. 
+ His shins and forearms nerves are shot from hitting hard objects
+ Had his nose cartilage removed (to avoid breaking it, improve breathing, and stop nosebleeds)
+ Was trained at an early age to retract his testicles inside his body. 
His only gear is a loincloth.

Takedown defense. Upkicking them in the face from open guard or elbowing the back of their skull during their shot.  Punishing failed takedowns dropping knees on a downed opponent or soccer kick them.

Love his Muay Thai too much, won’t admit he needed a grappling / ground game and is too stubborn to learn it, 
(When Simson will start losing a couple of SLAUGHTERSPORT matches, because of his stubbornness to embrace change and growth, he will start
living in denial, and made up excuses for his failures.)

He shuns the training of other martial arts. He says that “MMA is trash” since that’s only a “game” with rules, that grappling is “gay” and “nonsense”, and despite being a lifelong Muay Thai artist he hates “gloves” that took away the strengths and usefulness of his “pure” Muay Thai.

Simson is a national hero.


+ The Thigh Kick
Simson’s thigh kick is perhaps the most formidable kick on the
planet. He relies on his thigh kick much like a Western boxer relies on
his jab. One might say that this kick is the hub of his wheel. His predominant high kick is his pivotal weapon. The high kick allows him to control his fights, controlling the distance and the cadence of the entire match. 

+ He doubles up his kicks, executing two in a row. Landing
multiple thigh kicks in quick succession on the same area of the body is
nauseatingly painful.

+ Has some of the best combinations, like the “Power Combination” – a sequence of fast moves designed to stun the opponent.    (source)

+ The Clinch

Being in the grasp of his clinch
position is nothing less than sickening! You can’t go forward, you can’t go
backward, you have no balance or base; and to make matters worse, you are being
assaulted by two of the most barbaric tools on Earth – elbows and knees.

From the clinch, he can execute tactics such as elbows, head butts, and knees,
or take an opponent to the ground if desired.

+ Every block is a strike, his blocks are hard and directed enough to injure his opponent, decreasing their ability to continue an attack. 

+ Economy of Motion — make sure every move counts and is efficient.


  • Simson Trifecta (Two knee strikes to the stomach and one to the face)


  • Rising Uppercut

 • A lot of kneeing to the ribs
 • Powerful and explosive knee strikes (will almost knock out anyone)
 • Roughouse kicks targeted to the outside of the thigh.
 • All leg kicks since he specializes in smashing his opponent’s legs with very powerful kicks to the thighs and lower legs.
 • Use his front kick as a jab to probe for an opening and keep his opponent off-balance.
 • Do not use sidekick
 • Skillful elbow strikes 

Muay Thai includes striking with punches, elbows, knees and kicks as well as
grappling from the standing position and throws.

 Attacking the Lower Leg
   1. A roundhouse kick to the ankle.
   2. A roundhouse kick to the calf.
   3. A side kick to the knee joint.
   4. A roundhouse kick to the shin.
Catching kicks and deliver a counter with his fists or elbows
Thai throws (or dumps) from the clinch, the escapes, the elbows, the knees to
the leg and body

• Flying Knee
 • Spinning elbow strike to the temple;
 • Open skull wіth elbow strike іn thе clinch οr ground аnd pound fighting
 • Broken ribs frοm middle kick
 • Broken legs frοm law kick
 • Inability tο walk frοm leg kick tο thе inside οf thе leg
 • His elbows, Muay Thai kicks аnd knees delivers impressive knockout аnd blood bath, especially elbows іn ground аnd pound fighting.

 • KO: a high kick or a right.
 • As far as striking goes, it has everything. It utilizes striking and sweeps from long range, short range and from the clinch; making use of your fists, elbows, knees and feet from just about all of the above.
 • The last thing anyone with less than division one wrestling ability or a black belt in Ju-Jitsu would want to do is attempt to grab hold of a fighter that accomplished in a style notorious for its clinch.

STRENGTHS:  Pure stand-up fighting domination; Devastating power; Straight forward offense / Absorb blows like a spounge; Impervious to pain; 
Precision & strike accurancy
Southpaw stance; power; aggressiveness; left leg

WEAKNESSES: Toying with his opponents instead of finish them off; Machismo (absorb too much blow for nothing); Refusal to wear cup (a grap in the groin can be especially painful…), 

Loves his Muay Thai too much, won’t admit they needed a grappling / ground game and are too stubborn to learn it, 

Vulnerable from the back position, particularly clueless to wrestlers’s German suplexes.
Defense; lack of experience on road; punches too wide

FAVORITE PLACE TO FIGHT: Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand


After UST-2, the recluse Simson upgraded his lifestyle. Simson built a Temple on his private compound where he accommodates fighters and hosts martial arts tournaments. Simson also bought a private jet to travel for his underground fights and his future UST-3 events.

Mr. Lek is still the promoter of Simson’s underground fights and bets up to one million dollars on each fight.

After knowing for sure that Simson never stopped competing in Thailand’s underground fights, which is against UST rules, PYGOD decided to send two agents/stooges in Thailand to tail Simson. Simson eventually accepted the two imposed agents using them as his bodyguards/valets. This way Simson is protected and PYGOD is informed.

PYGOD turned a blind eye on Simson’s underground fights cause he thinks it’s good for business to keep Simson’s killing streak alive. 

ENDING:  He stated that if he eventually lose a match, he will get drunk for the first time of his life and commit suicide by gunshot. It was his promess but he never did. Instead he finds all kind of excuses for his losses. Mostly blaming ‘gay grappling’…

5 Wins (4 knockouts, 1 submissions) 6 Losses (6 knockouts)

WIN     1-0   Big Bully Brawler    Submission (leg kicks)   0:21
LOSS  1-1  Konga Ruopa          KO (German suplex)       1:35   Japan (01/25)
WIN     2-1  Andromache           KO                                4:16   UST 1
LOSS  2-2  The Big Thing           KO (choke-slam)             0:39   UST 1
LOSS  2-3  WGF                        KO (German suplex)       7:15   UST 1
LOSS  2-4  WGF                        KO (Ground & pound)  4:58      UST 2
WIN     3-4  Sado Maso             KO (High kick)              0:21     UST 2
LOSS  3-5  Andromache          KO (FemDom)              4:14     UST 2
WIN     4-5  Mustafa Muhammad   KO (Finish Combo)   2:52   UST 2
LOSS  4-6  The Big Thing       KO (Choke-slam + power bomb)  0:46  UST 2
WIN     5-6  Master Shi Li        KO (Rising Uppercut)   6:01  UST 2

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