Andromache the Great

NICKNAME: The Bad Girl Of SlaughterSport, The Greatest Female Fighter Of All Time
BIRTHPLACE:QuebecMashteuiatsh, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec,Canada
HOMETOWN:JapanTokyo, Japan
GIVEN NAME: Marie-Francoise Cyr-Delamarre
HEIGHT: 6’9” (bare feet); 7’5″ (in heels)
WEIGHT: 272 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal
HAIR: Blonde +120cm
AGE: 30
BIRTHDAY: December 27

CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw

SHOE SIZE: 15 (US) EU 48
REACH: 88″ (7’4″)
CHEST: 50″
WAIST: 30″

ETHNICITY: First Nations / Full-blooded Native Canadian Indian 
INDIAN TRIBE: Montagnais du Lac Saint-Jean (Quebec, Canada)
FIRST NATIONS RESERVE: Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue), Quebec, Canada
HERITAGE: Aboriginal Canadian

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Lesbian. No she isn’t a transgender she is 100% (super) woman.
MARITAL STATUS: Newly web. Married to her longtime girlfriend Rebecca.
Andromache and her soul-mate Rebecca are active supporter of the LGBT community.

LGBT flag

MANAGER: self-promoted
TRAINERS: WarGod (MMA) and Joey Dean (Boxing)
TRAINING PARTNERS: Frank Mucciolo and Tom Erikson
PROMOTER: self-managed

EDUCATION: college degree, in nutrition, from Ryerson University in Toronto
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: 6 languages – French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Montagnais-Naskapi (Innu).
LIVED & TRAVEL: She is very well-traveled. Born in a small town in Quebec, Canada… Studied in Toronto, Canada for her college degree… Lived in the United States for a while… Now resides in Tokyo, Japan full-time. She has fought in virtually all parts of the world. 

MOTTO: “Girls who want to be equal to men have no ambition.”

many promotions all over the globe. Been in over 20 countries taking part of over 70 competitions world wide. She fought in Canada, United States, Japan, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Korea

ENTRANCE MUSIC: What I Always Wanted – Kittie

   – Granddaughter of the late World’s Strongest Man and combatant Canadian Mountain.
   – Comes from a family of professional fighter.

   – Primarly trained with male Boxing, Kickboxing, and Judo champions.
   – Began training in Judo at 6.
   – Started weightlifting at 9.
   – Began kickboxing at 15.
   – Began boxing at 17.
   – Began competing in Bodybuilding at 21 til 23.
   – Turned pro in boxing at 21.
   – Began competing in Powerlifting at 24 til present.
   – Began competing in Strongwoman at 25 til present.

Fighting: 20 solid hours of fighting a week
Trains BJJ and MMA 4 days a week at a real MMA gym.  
She also trains in Sambo, Boxing, Muay
Thai Kick Boxing and Krav Maga. 

She try to train every day anywhere from 2-5 hours a
day in one or many of those martial arts. She
trains with men and women. 

Her favorite (best) exercises are practising with men, hitting mitts.
Weight lifting: Gym 1-2 times a day. 
Trains heavy weight lifting in the gym nearly every day. 
She lifts heavy
weight for 7-10 reps of set of 3 or 4. 

Trains one or two bodyparts a day.
Employs Fat Gripz on everything.
Trains in powerlifting for strength and in Olympic lifting for explosiveness.
Cardio: Daily outdoor activities. Hikes or runs at least 3 miles a day
every single day or walks 5 kilometers in an hour. 

Doesn’t do cardio machine, she does all her cardio activities outside.
Diet: Eats 6 to 7 meals a day, feeding every 3 hours. 
Eats 2 kg of vegetables a day and meat at every meal except for breakfast.
Eats a ridiculously clean diet. A mix between a Paleo and a Warrior diet.
Sex: She always tries to have as much sex as possible, because sex boosts her testosterone level.
“Supplements”: Judging her appearance and male voice, it is evident that she is on steroids and growth hormones all year round.

All her training, diet, and lifestyle is centered around Fighting. She stated: “I’m addicted to training and obsessed by winning… I wanna win the UST 3 and be The Best Fighter In The World. To me, it’s more important than Money and anything else… Everyday I trains for Fighting as my first priority. No matter what I do on the side. My heart belongs to Fighting.”

BOXING RECORD: 24-0 (21)
MMA RECORD: 18-0 (15 submissions)
COMBINED PRO RECORD: 80-0 (57 KO – 15 submissions – 8 decisions)

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 record: 0-3
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 record: 5-2

TITLES:  ‘Best Female Fighter Ever’ by far
                 Combat Sports Hall of Fame (at age 28, the youngest inductee ever)
                 Five-Time World Kickboxing Champion
                 Current Women’s Heavyweight Boxing Champion
                 Undefeated in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
                 Set 16 powerlifting world records and countless national standards.
                 Two-Time World’s Strongest Woman
                 Undefeated in both powerlifting and strongwoman competitions.
                 2nd degree Black belt in Judo

COMMENTS: Some say Andromache the Great is the best Combatant in the world, male or female.

FINISHING MOVE:  FemDom. Body Scissors (across the kidneys)  An extremely lethal hold, above all Andromache can apply 1800 pounds of pressure with this hold.  She could burst grain sacks and fell a mule with her scissors hold. She moans in pleasure as her opponent moans in pain, and reaches orgasm as he or she dies. You will be lucky to escape with just a broken rib if you submit soon enough.

ARSENAL: Andromache relies on flashy high flying technical moves, kicks and submissions.
Acrobatic offense: cartwheels, moonsaults, backflips…  Crooked Leg Scissors (across the head)… Triangle choke… Headscissors… 

DEFAULT STRATEGY (UST 4): Relentlessly kicking the knees and groin of her enemy.

FIGHTING MODES: Killer or Clown. Taunting and dancing around her opponent or going for the kill. No anymore!

PRESENTED AS: “The Greatest Female Fighter Of All Time” Andromache The Great

PRE-MATCH RITUAL: Kissing her girlfriend on the lips.

FACTS: Andromache is by very far the most controversial and polarizing figure in SLAUGHTERSPORT.  You either love her or hate her.  Depending on how you judge her, she is either the greatest show on earth or the shame of the sport.  Andromache stuns combat sports fans and attract mainstream medias attention with her gigantic size, freaky muscles, numerous tattoos, body piercings, 8 inch high heels stripper shoes or boot, her outrageous wardrobe and wild makeup.  Her attitude is as unusual as her look.  She is a tit flashing, ass flashing, finger flipping, foul mouthing, trash talking french canadian aboriginal lesbian. 

Aside from fighting, the next she do best is trash talk.  In many interviews she has used harsh language and openly downplayed the abilities of her opponents. She brought excitement and attention to the sport.  That’s the reason why she is The Bad Girl Of SlaughterSport.


  • FemDom (Leg Scissors). You submit or you die.
  • Legs. Powerful kicking at distance and suffocating leg scissors.
  • Size. She’s bigger than most men anyway.


  • Boobs. So big that they impede her movements.
  • Weak ankles. Years of kickboxing competitions has left her with chronic pain in that area.
  • Bad temper and tantrum-prone.

A foul mouth and a bad temper. She is recognized as the prototype bizarre fighter, stunning combat sports fans with her gigantic size, freaky muscles, numerous tattoos and body piercings, multiple verbal and physical assaults on officials, frequent ejections, and her tumultuous private life.  And the fact that she is a woman fighting against men.

Her excuse after losing her first SLAUGHTERSPORT match vs. Simson in Tokyo, Japan.  “I was having a flu.”

PYGOD.COM  $77,300 contribution
BKB Slaughtersport  $15,650 contribution

WORLDWIDE CONTROVERSY: SLAUGHTERSPORT received world wide media attention when the 7’5″ Andromache (in high heels) flashed her tits while flipping both fingers and sticking her tongue out at the inaugural Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour press conference.  The video and photos became viral on the net.  Andromache The Great stole the show and became the most talked-about SLAUGHTERSPORT combatant in the first year of the Tour..

ANDROMACHE SAID: “My training is all about weightlifting, fighting and screwing.”
When asked about how she do the screwing.  She said: “I screw my girlfriend with a strap-on.”
“I want to become a porn star after my sport retirement.”
“I’m kicking ass and taking names.”


Became hugely popular in Japan, recording songs and appearing in videos.

Television talk shows, music videos, mainstream magazines.  Andromache has been on the cover of numerous magazines including Strength Fighter.  

This year is a big year for Andromache.  After the tits flashing “scandal”.  She posed nude for PYGOD and appeared in an 11 page pictoral, she released her own fitness DVD and released her autobiography entitled Andromache The Great, a best-selling book.  Thankx to Andromache the Great, the SLAUGHTERSPORT received millions of dollars worth of free publicity.


UST 1 

  • Became a worldwide celebrity after flashing her tits at the inaugural UST 1 press conference…
  • Posed nude for
  • Released her own fitness DVD…
  • Released her autobiography…
  • Released her own CD.
  • Spoke only in French in her promos, at press conferences, in interviews, and addressing the crowd. Just to annoy people.
  • SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. released a photo book of her entitled ‘Andromache the Great XXX’ in which she posed for several photos in lingerie, bondage, nude, in fighting gear, in training, showering and fighting in the UST 1. The photo book was an instant commercial success and a best-seller around the world.


  • Became known to hanging out with some of the biggest celebrities of the day.
  • Took on pro wrestling. 3 PPV matches + 2 TV appearances for $1.2 Million.
  • Had a wonderful year fighting in the UST, scoring major upsets and accumulating a record of 5-2. Defeating Konga Ruopa, Simson, Kamisama, The Big Thing, and Mustafa Muhammad. Only losing to Master Shi Li, and WGF, just like everybody else.


  • Quits drinking and partying with celebrities returning to her straight edge root and took on the outdoor  instead. Always a big fan of the outdoor (hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking), she stated that her new found passion for the outdoor was a good way to reconnect with her First Nations roots.
  • Married her lifelong girlfriend Rebecca.
  • More focused than ever to be “The Best Fighter In The World” by winning the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 3.
  • Toned down her provocative attitude when she realized that children, particularly little girls, around the world see her as a role model.
  • Seen as an heroic icon for women and LGBT people around the world.

PRO WRESTLING CAREER (while UST 2): Made $1,2 Million for three Pay-Per-View wrestling matches and two television appearances this years (age 30).  But the United States-based company make a lot more, many more Money in “free” publicity.

  • Competed in the all-man Battle Royal in January, lasting 1:02 and eliminating 1 wrestler.
  • Made a television appearance at the weekly show in June.
  • Won a PPV Main Event tag team wrestling match in July. She knocked out one of her adversaries with a superkick for the win. Her teammate and opponents were all male.
  • Made a television appearance
  • August  
Andromache the Great is good for business.

During the UST 1’s year. She claimed that she “fucked with The Big Thing”, a married family man, and that he has a “tiny weenie”.
During the UST 2’s year. She stated that PYGOD assfucked her doggystyle in a shower and facialized her.  PYGOD never denied it.

Andromache wents on to become an undefeated Women’s Pro Wrestling World Champion winning the championship at 33 years old. Unifying both the United States and the Japanese version of the title at 36 years old. She was never beat and still the women’s wrestling champion til her death.
Will do private wrestling session for $1000 an hour.
Will start her porn star career at 41 years old. Mainly doing lesbian and femdom stuff, but finally did a long-awaited boy/girl scene including anal & facial.
Will die at 61 years old of an heart attack.

7 Wins (6 via FemDom body scissors) 5 Losses

WIN     1-0   Big Bully Brawler          Submission (body scissors)   1:07
WIN     2-0   Psycho Pat Darkside   Submission (body scissors)   1:25     Japan (01/25)
LOSS  2-1  Simson                         KO                                       4:16      UST 1
LOSS  2-2  WGF                            KO (full nelson face drop)       21:05    UST 1
LOSS  2-3  The Big Thing                KO (power bomb)                  2:53     UST 1  
WIN      3-3  Konga Ruopa             KO (body scissors)   1:32    UST 2
LOSS   3-4  Master Shi Li              Submission (eye jab) 2:28      UST 2
WIN      4-4  Simson                       KO (body scissors) 4:14        UST 2
WIN       5-4 Kamisama                 KO (body scissors) 31:04      UST 2
WIN      6-4  The Big Thing            Submission (exhaustion) 5:22     UST 2
LOSS   6-5  WGF                          KO                                      1:50     UST 2
WIN       7-5 Mustafa Muhammad Submission (body scissors) 3:24  UST 2

Manami Toyota

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