The Perfect Fighting Sport Federation

Who is the best fighter in the world? 
You will never know! 
With restrictive rules it's ain't Combat it's just sport. 
Without eyes poke, throat and groin attack. Many Martial Arts lose all their effectiveness. 
Fuck The World and choose SLAUGHTERSPORT instead.

 slaughter sport
The Supreme Form of Hand to Hand Combat

Forget boxing.  It's nothing but fancy rules, round sets, weight categories and other laughable crap! 

Forget UFC.  It become a sissies sport when some corrupt faggot politicians decided it was too violent and extreme and it must be banned. 

Forget pro wrestling.  Pro wrestling is dead since the ECW bankrupted!

Forget kickboxing.  Nobody give a shit about kickboxing!

Forget hockey brawls.  Since some piece of shit faggot sport reporters and the general 9-to-5 assholes lobbying to get them banned.  It will not be too long that hockey will become a wimpy sport like any other so-called sport!

Forget NFL.  Yes, american pro football is perceived as a violent combat sport by many. Now the saint-hypocrite NFL is trying to please the mindless sheep society by faggotrizing himself with stupid, none of their fuckin' business shit like Morality Contract and substance abuse program. What the players do outside the football field SHOULDN'T be the NFL nor the medias businesses!!

The sissy players are whining and crying about concussion risks. While the retired players, now penniless, are stealing way too much easy money with their undeserving billion dollar concussion lawsuits / settlements.  These assholes even sue over their past use of painkillers and drugs!!! Even worse, the stupid America's Law Court of "Justice" is giving them everything they want and everything they didn't deserve. 

Sooner than later these ingrateful overpaid crybabies and their asshole lawyers will be suing the NFL for giving them the opportunity to play professional football!?!

If the trend continues, and it will, in 50 years from now, the sacred formerly manly NFL football will be a no-contact flag football league with overpaid and overpadded sissies. Meanwhile Rugby will remain the only unprotected, full-contact, team sport of the badasses!!!

RUGBY > NFL x 1000

NFL football, hockey, boxing, MMA, pro wrestling...
For all the concussion queers and wimps out there.
I've never heard of a death defying motocross rider complaining about his plethora of injuries.
Learn PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY instead of crying!!

These are my philosophy of Combat Sports resumed in a few very crude words.  My reflection of the actual state of our four main Combat Sports (Boxing, Pro Wrestling, MMA, Kickboxing), hockey brawls, and the sacro-saint sanctified NFL American Football who is seen as a Combat Sport by many.

Roman Gladiator Combat 
is the closest thing to my ideal of Combat Sports.

How can I fix this mess?

After an entire life of watching, following, reading about, then writing and blogging about pro wrestling, boxing, MMA, martial arts, self-defense, bodybuilding, strongman contests, powerlifting, arm wrestling, NFL, rugby and just about any combat and strength sport that ever existed.

After decades of drawing, writing, searching, creating and giving life to hundred of fighters / characters by drawing them and writing thousands of pages of script. Virtually living in a imaginary world!

I came to the inevitable conclusion that the Perfect Fighting Sport Federation, if I can call it that way, must be:

UST™ Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™  Constitution  7 Commandments

  • A year-long international random round-robin tournament. Combatants fight once every two weeks just like the old-timer boxers. A real warrior should be ready to fight at any time. Not just twice a year.
  • No rules, no holds barred, no weight classes, no rounds, no time-limit, no referee... Fights to the finish. The events did not have advance deadlines for its conclusion. It ain't over til somebody wins.
  • No ring, no cage, no ropes... A 20-foot diameter circle on the concrete.
  • Just two rules: No weapon. No outside interference.
  • 3 ways to win: KO, submission or death
  • The best fighters from all across the world. A roster of 48 Combatants (24 tournament participants, 24 alternates)
  • Only ONE organization. Only ONE champion

Unfortunately, there is nothing like this in what you call the real world. So I decided to create my own.

From my own world. 

I give you...

International year-long no rules round-robin full fighting tournament

I have the 3 ingredients needed to be a success in the reality and fictional world of Combat Sports
  1. An invincible Franchise champion ala Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Ronda Rousey, New York Yankees and the New England Patriots. My invincible Franchise champion is "The World's Greatest Fighter" Santos Dixon.  A seemingly perfect Fighting Machine at every level. He is American... He is half-Black... He has the look, the background, the talent, the dedication, and a willingness to do EVERYTHING to win.
  2. An hard-working underdog ala Rocky Balboa, Karate Kid, and Daniel Bryan that anyone can identify to.  My underdog lovable loser is Davey Mack KidA whiter than white blue-collar Irish immigrant, undersized and unskilled human punching bag who never surrender and always come back for more no matter what. The Ultimate Underdog.
  3. An international fighting tournament ala Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, UFC, Bloodsport... My international fighting tournament is the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour.  An international year-long round-robin no-rules no-referee REALITY-BASED fighting tournament to determine who is "The Best Fighter In The World". A tournament with about 18-24 unique Fighters of different style and size, including a woman and an handicapped. The be-all and end-all of all sports on earth.

Three necessities of the upmost importance for my roster of Combatants.

In accordance to the year-long round-robin tournament format. The perfect number of participating Combatants is 24 plus 24 alternates for a total of 48 Combatants.

Originally, on UST 1, it was a 4 Combatants tournament / league / federation. Quality over quantity. But it just wasn't enough.
The Originals from left to right: WGF, Andromache, Simson, and The Big Thing.


Several fighting styles, genders, nationalities, sizes, and minorities are represented without falling into the unoriginal stereotypes. Diversity in body types, body shapes, skin colors, age, ability, gear, clothing, background, personality, and even blood types. I love diversity! Nothing is more boring than uniformity!
Here are the ethnicities, nationalities, fighting styles, genders, and differences represented on my roster of 48 Combatants (24 Participants and 24 Alternates).


I didn't include anything that wouldn't be possible in real-life. So you won't see any fireballs, fingertip death touch, 80 years old grandpas fighting or kung fu fighters jumping 20 feet into the air here.

With that in mind, I had to funnel down to 48 Combatants and they are ready to invade and take over the world. The real world

Click on their names for their complete bio, photo and stats.


(alternate are in red)

WGF™ "The World's Greatest Fighter"™ Santos Dixon

God tier
  • "World's Greatest Fighter" Santos Dixon,United StatesUSA, 6'5", 239, 9, 24  (14-0) SLAUGHTERSPORT  'The Best Fighter In The World' UST 1 & UST 2 Winner
  • Hitoriguntai,JapanJapan, 6'7", 468, 23, 38  (-) Hitoriguntai Taijutsu                                    SLAUGHTERSPORT Asia Champion
  • Hengel,SLAUGHTERSPORT Laboratory, 7'6", 350, -, 16  (-)  UST
  • Daikaiju,JapanJapan, Over 8ft, Half a Ton, -, 20  (-)  Size & Strength
  • Dio di Sparta,Greece, 6'3", 328, 1, 27 (-)  UST                                                            SLAUGHTERSPORT Europe Champion

  • Master Shi Li,ChinaChina, 5'5.5", 125, 1, 29  (5-2)  Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Simson,Thailand, 6'4", 265, 8, 23  (5-6)  Muay Thai
  • Kumar Mattu,India, 6', 305, 1, 31 (-)  Pehlwani, Olympic Wrestling
  • Andromache the Great,Canada, 6'9", 272, 10, 31  (7-5)  Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA
  • HERO,Mexico, 5'6", 250, 11, 25  (-)  Lucha Libre
  • Man O'War,Flag of Uganda.svgUganda, 6'2", 240, 1, 33  (-) Cape Buffalo Tai Chi                                           SLAUGHTERSPORT Africa Champion
  • Pistrix,Spain, 6', 190, 3, 25  (-)  MMA/UST
  • "Vunderkindom",Russia, 5'8.5", 208, -, 17 (-)  UST
  • "The Leech",Brazil, 6'1.5", 251, 1, 31  (-)  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                                             SLAUGHTERSPORT Americas Champion
  • Gotch Bruno,Belgium, 6'2", 308, 26, 52  (140-2) Catch Wrestling
  • Gijsbert de Groot,NetherlandsNetherlands, 6'5", 251, 13, 32  (-) Kickboxing/MMA/Street Fighting
  • High Chief Manu Ruopa,Samoa, 6'4", 350, 7, 25  Pro Wrestling  SLAUGHTERSPORT Oceania Champion
  • Kayla,United StatesUSA, 5'5'', 127, 9, 27 (-)  Bak Mei Pai/Gymkata
  • Dragon Bruno Singh,Canada, 6'7", 248, -, 22  (-)  UST
  • Alpha the Man-Eater,United StatesUSA, 9'6", 1500, 6  (-)  Large Imposing Bear
  • KirāBotto,JapanJapan, 6'3.5", 385, -, 1 (-)  UST



  • Big Bully Brawler,United KingdomEngland, 6', 300, 2, 44  (0-6)  Street Fighting
  • Diego,Ukraine, 6'5", 210, -, 25 (-)  Underground Fighting
  • Le Québécois,QuebecQuébec, 6'4", 228, -, 24  (-)  Hockey Goon
  • Slasher,Norway, 6'8", 275, -, 26  (-)  Flailing
  • PYGOD,World Wide Web, 6'1", 235, ?, ? (-) Money & Power
  • Davey Mack Kid,Republic of IrelandIreland, 5'6.5", 187, 4, 39 (-)  Boxing/Toughman

Davey Mack Kid™  The Ultimate Underdog

Here the Gatekeepers: hellraisers on a world tour to take-on-all-comers.

Number of Combatants vs. tournament schedule vs. time of recovery

  1. Must be a year-long round-robin tournament were each Combatants have to face all the other Combatants in a one-on-one fight on a different day during the year. Only serious injuries and death could prevent a fight to happen.
  2. All Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour events must be held on Saturday evening. Saturday being the perfect day for such an event and festivity. Will start in the afternoon depending of the number of wars.
  3. Two weeks between each war (match) is more reasonable than one week.
  4. 48 Combatants (24 Participants + 24 Alternates) = 23 events of 12 fights = 276 matches. Up to because injuries and death will reduce the number of fights.

  • 48 Combatants (24 Participants and 24 Alternates)
  • 24 events (23 World Wars and 1 presentation)
  • 12 wars (fights) per World War
  • 276 wars
  • 1 event every two weeks
  • 8 weeks off-season (57 days off) 

Too good to be real but perfect for a video game, a movie, a comic book...

Is Combat Sports still lucrative and popular? 

You bet.

  1. Floyd Mayweather ($300 Million for a fight. Best paid athlete ever) = An invincible Franchise champion
  2. Rocky Balboa (One of the most popular movie series ever) = An underdog loser that the people can identify to.
  3. Street Fighter (One of the most popular and influencial video game ever) = An international fighting tournament with about 16 unique Fighters of different style and size.
Do not forget the everlasting popularity of Billion dollar publicly traded pro wrestling company WWE, Boxing, and the ever-expanding UFC...

Fighting is everywhere! In pro wrestling, boxing, MMA, kickboxing, martial arts, video games, kung fu movies, mangas, comics books, even in ice hockey... NFL football and rugby are so rough and violent that they can almost be classified as Combat Sports. American Gladiators, BattleDome, Toughman contests...

There is, was, and ever will be a fascination for violence in human society.

Hand-to-hand fighting is the purest form of competition since day one of the history of mankind.

For those interested to a partnership to give life to my work via a video game, movie, figures, comics, etc. Contact PYGOD or leave a comment below.

The Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour is waiting for you!


And with all that being said. After watching an endless number of martial arts and fighting movies. I realize that the majority of the scripts used for these films are just plain silly, unimaginative, unrealistic, and just plain suck!  And if those unforgetable pieces of crap can find their way to be used in an actual movie with real actors and a lot of Money invested in!!! When you realize that you realize that anything in life is a question of contact and knowing "the right people".

Anyway, since I can't do anything worse than them. I wrote the synopsis of THE WORLD'S GREATEST FIGHTER™A synopsis with the three vital ingredients (if you don't already know what are those three vital ingredients. You haven't red the entire page). I am currently working on the script, the novel.  

And maybe in this script you will find an overwhelming Promoter, Owner, Creator...

About me, 

The Promoter, the Owner, the Creator...

a full-time blogger fascinated by Combat Sports...

Un véritable génie en dessin
A newspaper post about my early childhood exceptional drawing skills

PYGOD creates fighting characters PYGOD invente ses Combatants

Years later, another newspaper post about my imaginary world of Combat Sports.

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 results

Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 results

events, results, and Combatant win-loss records

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