Floyd Mayweather Defensive Genius

Floyd Mayweather Defensive Genius (Defense Highlights) HD 

See and learn about the defense in boxing, Floyd Mayweather is a genius in the art of defense.

Floyd Mayweather Grabbing And Holding 

Floyd Mayweather Grabbing And Holding. The video demonstrates Floyd Mayweather Jr. tactics to grab and hold his opponents to save himself from attacks he cannot counter or deal with. 

Grabbing and Holding or Clinching is an important technique in boxing. Boxers clinch their opponents when they are either tired, unable to deal with the attack or to waste time. The technique is taught by all coaches to their boxers as a survival method.

“The clinch can keep you from losing, but you can’t clinch to a win.” 

Evasive faggot for some but defensive genius for other… I let you judge.

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