Broke by ESPN: Why Athletes go Broke!

NFL average salary is $1.9 Million a year.
NFL average career is 3.5 years.
65% of NFL players retire with permanent injuries.

In the meanwhile, a 20 years old Millionaire athlete has to be careful of:

  • crooked financial advisors who want to literally take care of your Money,
  • golddiggers who want to marry and/or get pregnant,
  • family and “friends” who want to borrow Money,
  • miracle can’t miss investment “opportunities”,
  • legitimate business investments like restaurants, nightclubs, car wash, that will ends up as a failure soon or later,
  • bling bling lifestyles of multiple mansions, car collection, an entourage of sycophants, making it rain in strip club,
  • gambling,
  • etc.

78% of NFL players are broke two years after retirement.
60% of NBA players are broke five years after retiring.

No they are not all dummies!!! 
I didn’t see any dummies in this documentary.
Watch it and maybe you will realize that you would have done the same.

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