Hulk Hogan 1998 WCW contract


Hulk Hogan 1998 WCW contract.

Here are some highlights:
  • Hogan received a $2 million signing bonus for simply putting pen to paper.
  • Hogan pocketed 15 percent of sales of every Pay-Per View event in which he wrestled, with a minimum guarantee of $675,000.
  • Hogan made 25% of gross ticket sales each time he wrestled in at WCW Nitro, WCW Thunder or an untelevised WCW house show, with a minimum guarantee of $25,000.
  • While the contract granted the WCW rights to use Hogan’s name and image on promotional products, it explicitly allowed the Hulkster to independently use his name, image and likeness to promote “pasta, pasta restaurants, sandwiches [and] sun tan oil.”
  • Hogan received $20,000 per month for just for wearing NWO shirts on TV and in photo shoots.
  • While traveling for WCW events, Hogan was allowed first class air travel, first class suite hotel accomodation, limousine transportation and on top of that he commanded a $175 per diem (per day) travel allocation.
  • The contract gave Hogan “approval over the outcome of all wrestling matches in which he appears.”
Hulk Hogan was a fine negociator to say the least.

But wait a minute, unlike what you think, Hollywood Hogan wasn’t the biggest earners in WCW. It was actually Goldberg with $5 Million a year. Hogan was just close behind.


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