Wing Chun SUCKS

Wing Chun SUCKS
Look at what happens when some Wing Chun masters decide to prove the superiority of their style against other fighting styles…

As the Trav from Fight Smart said: 
“Well, some crazy martial arts under-lord in the depths of China’s underground fight scene has recreated the throne room stage from Mortal Kombat 2 and is pitting Wing Chun masters against various other styles.

I presume that it’s Shao Kahn, of course.”

There is no Shao Kahn there… 
Very far from it!

One-armed boxer Xiong Cheng Cheng vs. Wing Chun master Yu Chang Hua.

MMA vs Wing Chun Kung Fu 2018 New – MMA fighter and Chinese martial artists hunter Xu Xiaodong defeat Wing Chun feather-fisted wimp Ding Hao.


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