Mike Tyson vs Kangaroo

Can Mike Tyson beat a large Kangaroo? Will his punches have any effect?

Mike Tyson vs Kangaroo Boxing match

Kangaroo stabbing feet claws
Kangaroo stabbing feet claws
Kangaroo can kick too!


This question was on quora.com.

The most pertinent answer so far came from Stefan Pociask, a Wildlife field researcher and rehabber.

Here is Stefan Pociask answer:

Kangaroos “box” with their hind feet; not like in cartoons or trained animal acts, where they have boxing gloves on their fore paws (although their front claws are pretty impressive as well!). And they are definitely dangerous. But as long as Tyson can keep from getting disemboweled first, with the daggers on the kangaroos hind feet, if he get’s off the first few right hooks, the ‘roo should be out for the count. Unlike most large clawed animals, although they can and do bite, the kangaroo’s jaws and teeth won’t be a major weapon. So Tyson’s throat won’t be a prime target, as if he was fighting one of the big cats, for instance, although incidental damage to his throat could occur. Tyson’s neck is rather short though, so that will be an advantage. He will come out bloodied, though. It won’t be a walkabout in the park. A large aggressive kangaroo could surely take down many different men. But not all men. I think Tyson would prevail. His professional skills could actually be of use in this situation. And certainly his build and exceptional power don’t hurt either.

EDIT: In answering this question, I’m assuming that the kangaroo in the fight is not a trained “boxing” ‘roo, but rather a strong, untamed, wild animal that has reason to put up a serious fight.

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In my opinion, a large male kangaroo (200-pound and up to 6’7″) would probably spear to death a prime 20 years old, 220-pound Mike Tyson.

My Prediction

plus a lot of blood in the abdomen era…

What do you think?

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