Wrestlers who defeated HULK HOGAN cleanly!!!

List of wrestlers who defeated Hulk Hogan cleanly during his career I’m surprised that Ric Flair’s name is not on the list!?! $$$$$PYGOD.COM$$$$$ Source: https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/2017/08/19/this-week-in-wrestling-2017-week-33/

SLAUGHTERSPORT UST 3 – Asian Connection

Because traditional Martial Arts were created in Asia… SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM All the characters above are the exclusive property and creation of PYGODUniversal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour™ is the exclusive property and creation of PYGODSLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, … Read More

Leatherfaces vs Shoji Nakamaki / Hiroshi Ono in a Double Hell Deathmatch in IWA Japanese Wrestling (December 13, 1994)

Holy fuckin’ shit! They fight with nails planks and chainsaw!!! Plank of nails massacre at 11:30… Bed of nails massacre at 16:20… Chasing the crowd with a chainsaw at 17:50. … Read More