“The Most Feared Man On Earth”

Prison System Code: The Prisoner #79463
Alias: Hitoriguntai / Hitori no guntai / One Man Army, Ookii Neko / Big Cat, Martial Arts Master, The Japanese god of fighting, The Pig, The Man With No Face, Japan Greatest Export 
Birthplace:JapanYokohama, Japan
Residence:Japanan undisclosed prison somewhere in Japan
Height: 6’7″ / 201 cm
Weight: 468 lbs / 212.7 kg (looks even heavier)
Body Fat: 30%
Years of training: 35
Years of Fighting: 25
Years Pro: 23
Age: 38
Bench Press: 650 lbs
Clean and Jerk: 500 lbs
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor, Warrior

  • Betting all his Money on himself for his matches.
  • Running a training scam where he offers to train people in exchange of Money. He always gets paid in advance. Injures his students on the very first day and keep the Money. Asked more Money from those brave enough to return. Skips town without noticing his students when he has to travel for his fights. Uses his recurring students as crash-test dummies.
  • Hitoriguntai is a ronin, a masterless warrior who traveled around the world gaining a vast knowledge of numerous martial arts, joint locks, pressure points during his lifelong quest to become the greatest martial artist who ever lived.

A Typical Day in his Life: Training all day every day… Eating gargantuan amounts of food… Taking massive dosages of steroids… Searching for trouble… Taking liberties on his students and injuring them for fun.

Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Language: Japanese only
Blood Type: O
Category: Chemically & Artificially Assisted

Fighting Style: Hitoriguntai Taijutsu  — A mix of jujutsu (focusing on throwing, grappling, and striking), judo (focusing on throwing and grappling),aikido (focusing on throwing and joint locks) as well as karate and kenpō (focusing on striking). His variation of Taijutsu is used to kill opponents.

Sumo record: 24-0 (during his first 8 months of active career)
Debut: at the age of 15
Highest Rank: Yokozuna (the youngest ever at the age of 19)
Retired: at the age of 23 (disgraced for brawling in Tokyo nightclubs and taking part of underground fighting challenges)

    10th degree Black Belt in Hitoriguntai Taijutsu (his own style)
    3rd degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate
    Black Belt in Judo
    Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

MMA record: 3-0 (2KILL-1CRIPPLED for life in a wheelchair)

TITLE: The WMA World Martial Arts Championship (While in prison, Hitoriguntai was awarded the title by promoter/fighter Kamisama. Hitoriguntai never defended it.)

Mixed (Master of all forms of unarmed combat)

  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Kung Fu Master (Dragon Style Kung Fu & Leopard Style Kung Fu)
  • Karate black belt
  • Aikido black belt
  • Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Judo black belt
  • Hapkido black belt
  • Boxing
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Street Fighting
  • Kenpo

STRENGTHS: IMPOSSIBLE to hurt him by hitting (punching, kicking, chopping) his throat (trachea), his torso (ribs, stomach, chest, liver), and between his legs.

WEAKNESSES: Show-off and enjoys toying, humiliating and torturing his opponents instead of finish them off.

KILL (known) List Count: 6 (at the very least)
  • Was blamed for the death of a fellow pro wrestling trainee in Japan, who he thought wasn’t making enough effort. No charge were brought over him.
  • Killed 1 pro wrestler in Japan with an hand spike to the throat. Was investigated for manslaughter but no charges were filed. It was officially billed as an accident. Soon after, Hitoriguntai was fired from the Japanese Wrestling Federation and was blackballed in all pro wrestling promotions around the world.
  • Killed 2 of his MMA opponents and left a third paralysed.
  • Killed 2 men in a dojo fight. It was a Karate Master and his top student. He is currently serving an 8 and a half years sentence in an undisclosed prison in Japan.

Signature Killmove:

  • Vampire Bite. Pounces, bites and rips out the jugular vein and the carotid artery and punctures the trachea causing immediate massive blood loss and a very quick death if you don’t receive immediate medical attention. If a major artery is severed, it will take a minute or two for the body to lose the 40 percent or so of its blood that would be required to past the point of no-return and bleed out. 
  • Touch of Death. Hand spike uppercut to the windpipe. Will fracture the trachea and collapse a lung. Will need a tracheotomy to survive.
  • Heart Punch. Punch in the chest. Will cause which is deadly in 75% of caseThe chances of surviving may be improved with timely emergency medical resuscitation. Chest protectors and vests are ineffective protection in this case

  • Carotid Slap aka Brachial Plexus Stun. Knife chop to the left side of the enemy’s neck (carotid sinus).    Hitoriguntai executes his open hand slap by keeping his right arm relaxed, and using his legs and hips to generate 468-pound of power straight to the carotid sinus of his enemy, which causes immediate loss of consciousness, and a lingering effect that ends the fight right there.
  • Eye-Gouging. Enjoys facing his enemy, grabbing him behind the head with his left hand then digging his right thumb’s claw into the side of the left eyeball of his ennemy and pull it off.

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How to Perform a Vulcan Nerve Pinch
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Anatomy Review: Brachial Plexus

Effects of Hitting Carotid Arteries

Self Defense: The Carotid Slap / Strike

Martial arts career

  • Considered one of top five martial artists in the world.
  • Agile big man, superb athlete and martial arts master.
  • Has a lifelong obsession and dedication to becoming the strongest and the best martial artist.
  • Before becoming a Taijutsu (unarmed ninjutsu) Master, he trained in the art of Karate.

Started training in Shotokan Karate at the age of 3. Had formal training by his father til the age of 7 when his father died. Then was raised and trained by his uncle from the age of 7 to 15.

  • Earned his Karate Black Belt at the age of 12.
  • Started training in Judo at the age of 7.
  • Had his first “duel” at the age of 13.

Joined a Sumo stable at the age of 15.

  • Became the youngest Yokozuna ever at the age of 19.
  • Left Sumo Wrestling in disgrace at the age of 23 and pursuits other Fighting ventures.
  • Weighted 423 lbs (192 kg) during his stint as a sumo wrestler.

He was approached by the NFL football after his sumo career. Did some astonishing displays of strength, speed, and agility during the tryout. At the age of 23, a trimmed down 386 pounds and never trained to be a football player.

  • 40 Yard Dash: 5.2 seconds
  • Vertical Jump: 31.5″
  • 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.54 seconds
  • 225 lbs Bench Press: 33 reps
  • Dunk a basketball
  • Squat: 750 lbs
  • Bench Press: 500 lbs
  • Van Damme leg split between two gym benches several feet apart.

Ducked NFL football for pro wrestling after receiving several lucrative offers from major Japanese and American pro wrestling promotions. 

  • Make his pro debut in the Japanese Pro Wrestling defeating an etablished 6’3″, 390-pound Bruiser in an highly anticipated match.
  • Was expelled from Japanese Pro Wrestling because of his refusal to do jobs (losing), shooting (attacking for real) on his opponents, and disrespectful conduct toward veterans. He ultimately killed one of his opponent crushing his trachea with an hand spike to the throat. Then he was fired for good and blackballed from the entire wrestling world.
  • His stay in pro wrestling lasted only five months.

From the age of 23 to 30, he trained for 7 years in hand-to-hand unarmed ninjutsu (taijutsu) with Morinosuke, the greatest ninjutsu master in the world. 

  • Became a Martial Arts instructor to pay the bills.
  • Left Morinosuke’s dojo after a squabble.

Around the age of 25, a Japanese scientist took him under his wing. Ever since, he takes massive dosages of steroids and all the designer drugs that technologie can produce. Then he can train all day and gain tremendous size and unbelievable power. He is also a gargantuan eater. He reportedly eats more than the 1,000 pounds Daikaiju. He believes that the more you eat the stronger you get.

Trained for several year with the Japanese Olympic Wrestling Team.

At the age of 25 and 26. He had three MMA matches. Killing two opponents and lefting one crippled for life. Nobody ever wanted to face him afterward.

At the age of 31, after his fall-out with his ninjutsu master Morinosuke. He left Japan to flew to Brazil to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, teach his own fighting style Hitoriguntai Taijutsu, and participating in underground vale tudo challenge.

  • Earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt after only 5 years of training.
  • Returned to Japan at age 36 after more than five years of absence.
Worked on his boxing and muay thai clinch.

Only 69 days after his arrival in Japan. He brutally killed two men in a 2-on-1 dojo fight and jailed for 8 1/2 years for double homicide (6 1/2 years) and assaulting police officers (2 years).

  • His arrestation make the headline news, attacking the police officers at first sight, lifting one of them above his head to throw him against the wall, spitting in their faces, threatening to kill them. One of the policeman ended up with a broken leg, broken ribs and broken ribs. Hitoriguntai was sprayed with mace with no success. In order to restrain him, one police officer pulled a gun while the other cops clubbed him. 
  • At his arrival in prison was troublesome to say the least. He attacked at least a dozen guards in full riot gear, breaking handcuffs, punching through bulletproof glasses, kicking down steel doors
  • He was put in naked isolation with five guards to reduce the risk he posed for the staff and other prisonners.
  • The prison warden finally made a deal with him. Hitoriguntai can have ANYTHING he want if he remains peaceful and represent the prison in the underground prison fighting circuit.
  • He is now the undefeated and undefeated underground fighting champion on the international jail circuit.
  • He is treated as a prince in jail. He has an entire wing just for him with internet access, a giant screen TV, a full-equipped gym, all the steroids and as much food as he wants. In exchange of not attacking the guards and representing the prison in the underground jail fighting circuit. 
  • He is even “feeded” with troublesome inmates, child molesters, and sexual offenders to toy with and batters til death.
  • The prison authority made a lot of Money betting on his fights. And they don’t want to have any trouble with him cause he can kill any of them by snapping his fingers. 
  • Just before UST3, in exchange of implanted titanium fangs, he accepted to be transfered to the Alcatraz Island prison in San Francisco Bay, California, United States to participate in a weekly prison fighting show on the SLAUGHTERSPORT Network. He will be locked into a luxury penthouse apartment specially built for him suiting all his needs and desires inside the world-famous Alcatraz prison with five guards at his disposition.

  • Wherever he goes, he enjoys doing the tourney of the dojos, boxing and wrestling schools, gyms, barrooms to challenge the best fighters into fight. All in the sake of kicking asses and proving his superiority. That’s the reason why he was expelled from professional Sumo.   (Since everybody seem to be intimidated by his enormous size, grotesque appearance, and fearsome reputation. He must provoke, taunt, and bully his targets in order to get a fight. Usually fighting and destroying two or more at the same time.)
  • Konga Ruopa, Simson, and “The Leech” reportedly all ducked his challenge and refused to fight him.

Was awarded the WMA World’s Top Martial Artist by the champion and promoter Kamisama. After losing sight in his right eye and a misperformance at UST 2, Kamisama choose to retire for good and gave his title to Hitoriguntai, who he think to be the best fighter in Japan. A stunning choice made by the honorable and noble Kamisama to award his title to such a despicable human being as Hitoriguntai. Kamisama stated that his decision is justified since his WMA title must be held by the best fighter and not be the best human being.

  • His sole purpose in life and reason for being is to become ‘The Best Fighter Of The World’. Training, fighting, destroying and killing his enemies, all in the name of being recognized as the best ever. The Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST 3) is the one and only place where a Combatant can claim the title of  ‘The Best Fighter Of The World’
  • Thrives on challenges and dreams of fighting the very bests. UST is the only place where you can fight the very best of the best. To be the best you have to beat the best.

  • Never warm-up before his matches. He says that a real Warrior should always be ready for War and doesn’t need to warm-up or stretch before fighting.
  • His training and fighting clothes are also his street clothes.
  • Can afford to have his hair long and wet. Cause when an enemy is close enough to pull his hair. The enemy is fucked.
  • Considers love, friendship, and mercy as weaknesses.
  • Has a full back Dragon Shinjiro Lee Jr. tattoo. Representing the size of the Elephant, the strength of the Lion, the speed of the Bird, and the flexibility of the Snake.
  • He scars his right forearm with his sharp nails everytime he kills somebody. Did he really killed that much people?

An intense daily training regimen

  • Eats a bare minimum of 5500 calories a day. Skip breakfast and eat two large meals a day assisted by beer. Including one large meal late evening before sleep. 
  • Takes massive dosages of steroids daily.

  • Regular lessons from different martial arts masters.
  • Regular sparring sessions with highly trained fighters in a number of forms. A good morning workout will pit him against seven or eight black belt sparring partners at the same time.

  • Trains 4 times a week lifting huge weights on compound exercises (Deadlift, Bench Press, Military Press and Squat) with 5 low reps sets (5-3-1 rep).
  • His favorite exercise is to punch and kick the punching bag.
  • Sleep 8-10 hours a night for optimal recovery.

  • Sharpens his fingernails into points and hardens them every evening in a candle. Now he doubles his natural nails with UV gel and silk wrap.

    • Sharpens his teeth and strengtens his jaw with special devices. Chews over twenty pieces of gum at a time to build jaw strength.
    • Just before UST3, in exchange of accepting to be transfered at the Alcatraz prison in United States. He had four titanium fangs implanted, all four canines, each costing between USD600-2000. Allow him animal to grip and tear through material (including body armor) without injury to itself. It can rip both metal and kevlar apart. What a fantastic weapon! 

    • Will chug down a fifth of whiskey in his dressing room after each war.


    • Ripped off right eye
    • Bitten off nose
    • Bitten off ring finger
    • Partly ripped off right ear
    • Broken nose several times
    • Broken fists several times
    • Scar tissue
    • Right eyebrow scar
    • Cauliflower ears
    • Crushed vocal chords


    • Psychopath. Cold, ruthless, sadistic psychopath who enjoys humiliating, injuring, crippling, destroying, and killing people by fighting them with his bare hands. Has no friends, no girlfriends, no family, no mercy, and no sense of loyalty.
    • Monomaniac. His entire life is centered around his goal to being universally recognized as “The Best Fighter In The World”, furthermore the greatest fighter who ever lived. All his actions and thoughts are dedicated to this ultimate goal. Focus on nothing else except training and fighting.

    Gear: Steel-toe shoes, track pants, T-shirt, fingerless leather gloves

    • Shock collar for control
    • Microchip implanted in case of evasion

    Full-time Entourage: Six armed prison guards and two armed UST Security agents.
    The Alcatraz warden is usually drinking and gambling in the Corporate Hospitality suit reserved to fellow UST power brokers like the Sheik, Senator Tony Morello and JRP III.

    Catchphrase (in Japanese): “I am Japan!” 
    “I’ll be back!” If he ever loses…

    Musical Theme: Maximum the Hormone – Yoshu Fukushu
    Maximum the Hormone – What’s Up, People?

    (November 8, 2015)

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