dimanche 19 avril 2015

Daikaiju (Giant Monster)


Aliases: Giant Monster
Birthplace:JapanLand of the Rising Sun / Tokyo, Japan
Height: Over 8 Feet Tall 
Weight: Half a Ton (and Still Growing)
Age: 20

Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese Blood Type: B
Category: Natural & Raw

Fighting Style: Size & Strength

Favorite Move: Suffocation (body-smother)

His greatest feat of strength -- simply supporting his enormous frame everyday.

Acromegaly, excessive sweating, enormous size, superhuman strength, gargantuan appetite.

Making his fighting debut in the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour without having any combat sports or martial arts background nor experience whatsoever. Never had a single fight in his life. His first ever fight will take place at the grandest stage of them all, the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour. 

Aside from his world-record setting dimensions, all he has is only 6 months of training, period. His training focused on using his superhuman size and strength to his maximum advantage.

Age 9: 6'
Age 10: 200 lbs
Age 12: 6'6"
Age 16: 600 lbs
Age 17: 7'7"

The half-ton Daikaiju 
Can you tell me what you gonna do against an 8 feet tall, half a ton giant??? One of his legs is heavier and bigger than your body!??!
Just one advice: Get the fuck out of here!

Personality: A gentle giant, professional, big heart, sociable, friendly, funny, who indulges with food, alcohol, and women. Nonetheless a ruthless merciless killer during promos and inside the Battlefield.

Music Theme: Scariest Horror Music Ever


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