MMA arm wrestling tournament

A butt ugly sumo arm wrestling Alistair Overeem

At the end of 2012, in Japan, a 16 man arm wrestling single elimination tournament was organized with 16 athletes from the different combat sports.  The tournament was composed of several high profile Japanese sumo wrestlers and mixed martial arts stars including Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt, Bob Sapp, Semmy Schilt and Kazushi Sakuraba.  The winner of this event had the opportunity to face the legend of Japanese armwrestling, Yoshi Kanai, one of the 50 Greatest in history.

Mark Hunt-vs-Bob Sapp

Former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 champion Alistair Overeem. Alistair won all his matches and his only lost was in the final against Bob Sapp.


As the tournament began to take shape, Overeem and Sapp worked their way through the field and found themselves in the finale.

Overeem, listed at 6’5″ 262 lbs faced off against former NFL player, Sapp, who’s listed at 6’4″ 341 lbs. So who came out on top?

Check it out for yourself below:

Nothing like the fake arm wrestling shit that we see on pro wrestling programs.

Fine to see that Bob Sapp is still good enough for something.

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