Baki the Grappler 2 (arena fighting)

Baki the Grappler 2 (arena fighting)

Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter OVA)

Baki the Grappler 2 – Episode 25 to 47

This one is even better than the first. It is entirely made of arena fighting since it is a 32-fighter tournament with a great diversity of martial artists and champions of every Combat Sports. 

As they said a total of 38 contenders including alternates, 30 matches for over 10 hours of fighting action.

グラップラー刃牙 アニメ 第 25 話 || Baki the Grappler… by diem-thuy1

This is with Baki the Grappler 2 series (arena fighting) that I felt the strongest connection with the author Keisuke Itagaki ‘s world and mine, SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc.

I will forever be thankful to my gym buddy Edmond La Chance for making me discover this fantastic series.

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