Psychic / hypnotist MMA fighter

If you read me for sometime, you might know that here at Strength Fighter no stones left unturned. Robot fighter, grizzly fighter… Anything about Combat Sports is checked and analysed.

After watching french canadian hypnotist Messmer controlling the minds of countless willing celebrities and being feared like he is the devil by 280-pound hockey enforcer George Laraque. I asked myself :

Why doesn’t someone like Messmer became a pro boxer or an MMA fighter and “fight” his way to multi-millions of dollars World championship matches? 

Is a psychic/hypnotist/illusionist fighter stands a chance in a real fight?

Can an illusionist fighter make his opponent disappear? lol

Kai Master getting his old ass kicked!!! He was so sure of his magical powers that he offered $5,000 to anyone who could beat him! We never heard of him after.

A useless No Touch Master / Chi Master getting punched right in the kisser!

George Dillman No Touch Master with “superhuman” abilities.
His deadliest opponent: a 125pound non-believer

The conclusion. 
Not funny at all.
At least for the assclown psychics who believe their own bullshit!

I cannot believe such useless and unrealistic “martial arts” can exist and have willing students who believe this crap!!

I feel ashamed for this so-called masters!

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