Bear wrestling & boxing

Bear wrestling & boxing
Bart the Bear
9’6″ (290 cm), 1500 lbs (680 kg)

I’m against violence and cruelty to animals. In fact I like animals more than I can appreciate human beings in general. However my lifelong fascination with Combat Sports pushed me to read and search about the professional fighting bears.

It seem that the bear is the only animal who can consistenly fight with human beings. Bears seems to be natural boxers and Greco-Roman wrestlers using only their upper body when they fight.

Nonetheless our ursine fighters usually undergoes a couple of body modifications to be able to compete without killing the assclowns who fight them. They suffered from a combination of having their teeth and claws removed, being muzzled and fitted with mitts, being drugged or the most grossly cruel, having their leg and arm tendons cut. 

Now I will present you some of these notable pugilists.

The most successful bear wrestler of all time is 
Victor The Wrestling Bear

ALIASES: Victor, Victor the Wrestling Bear, Victor the Bear
TYPE: male American black bear
HEIGHT: 8 feet tall (billed anywhere between 6′ to 8’11”)
WEIGHT: 650 pounds wide (billed from 450 to 800 lbs)
WRESTLING RECORD: 2000-0-1; 10,000-0; 14,999-1; 15,000-0 or 50,000-0-1 depending of the source.
TRAINER / HANDLER: Tuffy Truesdell (Rodney the Wrestling Alligator)
DIET: 10 pounds of lettuce, five pounds of dry dog food, five pounds of apples, two pounds of carrots, and Kool-Aid.

Despite being de-clawed, de-fanged, muzzled and drugged out of his mind. Victor could still throw down anyone, including famous pro wrestlers and freestyle wrestlers, inside of one minute. Victor always celebrate his victory with a bottle of Coke.

Victor was defeated at least once. A well-hidden fact never admitted by his trainer Tuffy Truesdell. His trainer / handler Tuffy Truesdell was protective of Victor’s record, it was because he depended on the bear to make a living, and an undefeated force of nature, a creature so dominant that no human could ever dream of bringing down, is an easier attraction to sell than a bear that only wins most of the time

Terrible Ted

TYPE: male American black bear
BORN: 1949 or 1950
BIRTHPLACE: Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada
HEIGHT: 7′ (213 cm)
WEIGHT: 600 lbs (268 kg)
TRAINER: Dave McKigney
DEBUT: 1950

Battling Bruno

Queen Victoria was so impressed with Battling Bruno’s exploit of knocking out the infamous boxer “Gentleman Jim” that she gave Bruno the Knight of the Royal Bath (an important Royal coronation) and requested that he was stuffed when he died. 

Hercules the Wrestling Bear

Billed as being “stronger than Superman, heavier than The Incredible Hulk.”

ALIASES: Herc, Big Softy
TYPE: male grizzly bear
BIRTHPLACE: Scotland but billed from the United States by Disney films.
WEIGHT: 420-1000 lbs (30-70 stone)
DEBUT: 1980
DIED: 2001 at age 26 after complications from back problems
OWNERS/TRAINERS: Pro wrestler Andy Robin and his wife, Maggie. 

Dakota the Bear

TYPE: Kodiak Grizzly
WEIGHT: 650-780 lbs
RECORD: 1000-1
MANAGER: Dr. John Sladek
Supposedly has a full set of fangs and claws and has never wrestled in a large venue. I doubt it.

Kuma (Tekken)

Even the mega-popular fighting game Tekken added a bear to its heteroclite roster of fighters.
HEIGHT: 9’2″ (280 cm)
WEIGHT: 463 lbs (210 kg) Should logically weight over 1,000 pounds.
STYLE: Grappler

Evidently I always root for the bear to pummel the motherfucker who dare to face him!!

Right now, I seriously think about adding a bear to my utopic stable of SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants.

Victor The Wrestling Bear
Terrible Ted
Battling Bruno the boxing bear
Dakota the Bear


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