Future of Renee Young in WWE

Possible Future for Renee Young in WWE?

A lot of speculations are in the making, as the entire WWE universe awaits the official announcement regarding the future of the beloved Renee Young at WWE. After the surprise debut of her husband Jon Moxley or as we all know him, Dean Ambrose at AEW or All Elite Wrestling at their Double or Nothing event, we wonder if this means an end to Renee’s career at WWE too. Renee and Jon Moxley have been married since 2017, and how many times have we seen that the husband’s decision leads to an impact on his wife’s career as well. And as we know WWE has been guilty of doing petty things, punishing people out of spite in the past.

The fan-favorite RAW announcer, Renee Young was however seen doing commentary just as usual, after Jon Moxley’s AEW debut. But maybe fearing a negative promotion WWE might not lash out at Renee just yet. But according to the Ringside WWE news – WWE officials are now currently “figuring out what to do” with Young due to Vince McMahon’s unhappiness with the Moxley situation. Vince was extremely upset especially because he was lied to by none other than Renee’s husband Jon Moxley. Jon blindsided Vince McMahon by telling him that he would be at the Hollywood making movies but he was actually making his return video.

On his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard stated, “So I think it’s very interesting now because it puts Renee in a difficult situation. I am told they are looking at what to do with her as well, but they’re not happy about it. Vince is fuming over Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley telling them that he was just going to Hollywood to make a movie, but actually, he was leaving to make a movie and sign with AEW.”

Renee and Jon Moxley have been dating since 2013, but the news came to light only in 2015. They got married in 2017 at a private ceremony in Las Vegas. Jon Moxley’s surprise signing as an AEW wrestler after leaving WWE in April this year did put Renee’s career in jeopardy. But on the other hand, according to sources Renee is still under a contract with WWE, the end of which is not certain. This means WWE terminating Renee’s job in bad taste would not only be unethical but illegal as well. What are Vince McMahon’s plans for Renee Young, only time would tell? Till then stay tuned for more WWE news.

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