How to get the Bicep (cephalic) Vein

Personally I’m afraid I don’t have that fuckin’ bicep vein.
But I’m somewhat reassured to learn that everybody have that fuckin’ vein. But anywhere from 155 pounds (very low body fat) to 325 pounds (bulky strongman) I have veins on my highly visible veins on my calves, biceps, forearms, side of my head (unfortunately) and less visible ones on my abs, shoulders, thighs… But I’ve never seen those fuckin’ cephalic veins on neither of my arms. While some bulky yet muscular men have it.
I still believe I am the exception who doesn’t have the fn’ cephalic biceps veins!!!

The 3 Prerequisites to have a visible cephalic vein on your biceps.

  1. Being lean, very lean. 
  2. Put on muscle mass. Focus on the pump and muscle with isolation bicep exercises.
  3. Eating high sodium and carbohydrate food.

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